martes, 18 de agosto de 2015

The time for lies is over..

-The Death Cure ~ James Dashner

Hello cutiepies!
hope you're doing great :P I've been uhm.. lazy these days haha but I'm fine, and definitely I'm feeling better than the other day (saturday), my toothache was horrible! my head and neck started hurting too T___T and at noon I was so glad it stopped..

on sunday we ate pizza and I was so afraid of it! I loe pizza but I didn't want to eat 'cause I thought "what if it starts to hurt again?" but at then end everything was okay n__n

well, guess what? I know it's still early for this but.. I officially started my halloween shopping yesterday! haha ohmygods the halloween stuff is arriving to some stores and I had to buy something.. I want to show you what I got but you're gonna have to wait! haha sorry!

okay, I don't have so much to say so we better start with this!

a few days ago I got a new polish! I have to say I really like it..

Nail polish by AVON from the CRYSTAL collection in Sparkling Purple
this is a textured polish and it looks stunning! it says it's purple but it looks a little bit like blue and it also has a silvery touch..
I'm not sure why but it makes me think about winter haha so I'm sure as hell I'll wear it around december or january :P

on friday I went to buy a new book (yay!) and while I was there I got a chocolate bar..

ohmygods *-* MilkyWay limited edition "Marshmallow with Caramel" and it's delicious! I want more of it..

okay, so yes, I got a new book again! as I said before I wanted to get City of Glass (TMI 3) but after I finished The Scorch Trials I thought about buying the next one instead, so I could finish the trilogy (not counting the aditional/complementary books)..

The Death Cure by James Dashner
this is the third book from the Maze Runner trilogy and I really wanted to know how did it end 'cause at the end of TST I was so confused and mad that I needed answers..

so, what do I think about it? well, I think the whole story is great and it deserved to have a great ending.. this book drove me crazy sometimes 'cause as the previous ones it has so much misteries and with the legend "the time for lies is over" you may think you're gonna know everything but no, the author answered the questions almost at the end..

I have to be honest, I liked it but it's not my favourite; I got mad at some parts 'cause they were kinda obvious :| and also there were parts that totally shocked me..

a part of me is satisfied with the ending 'cause I saw it coming and also I think it was the only way to finish the story; but there's a part of me that is angry 'cause I still have a lot of questions that I truly believed were going to be answered in this book but sadly they weren't.. maybe just maybe I'm gonna have the answers on the complementary books (oh please, I'm hoping that!)..

okay, I was going to put some spoilers haha but I don't know if I should, so for now, I won't..

well, I think that's all for today.. I can't wait to read a new book (sorry..) but I can't decide which one.. I'm a little bit afraid about starting ASoIaF T__T but we'll see..
thanks for reading/passing by!

Cya' *