sábado, 29 de agosto de 2015

like cannon fire

-Lola and the Boy Next Door ~ Stephanie Perkins

Hi cutiepies!
I hope you're doing great n__n and welcome to a new entry! I wanted to make an entry before the monthly Poupée one.. so here is it!

I've been a little bit busy reading, yes, reading! again n__n' and I want to read a new book soon.. maybe next week :P who knows..

I don't have so much to say so we better start with this

past week my sis bought me a muffin! haha yep I'm going crazy for them.. we went to the store 'cause she wants mini muffins for her son's birthday, she's gonna give them instead of giving cake, great idea if you ask me :P

some days later I got some Pringles *-* and my mom bought me a KitKat! ohh long time without eating one! it was super delicious..

otherwise past week I started to get a little bit obsessed with a "game".. my nephew and my niece use to play it, so I wanted to give it a try..

haha well.. I never thought I was going to play it.. it's kinda dumb and very easy to play but at the same time it's hard x___x I always made just a few points and never lasted so long.. but one good day (or should I say night?) I finally made it into the Top10! (the image you see up there) haha I was getting bored so I let a bigger ball to eat me :P maybe I'll try it again soon..

okay, now, finally, I'm gonna tell you about the book I read..

Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins
as you know I read Anna and the French Kiss past year and I really liked it; a few months ago I knew (thanks to Goodreads) there were another two books, at first I was like "okay, maybe one day I'll give them a try.." but I was not really interested

a few weeks ago I decided to read the second book of the "trilogy" having uhm.. not low nor high expectations, I was fully open minded even knowing it's not my type of literature; yeah, I liked AatFK but that doesn't mean I like reading similar things..

so, did I like it? of course! it was easy to read and the plot is nice; it looks like Anna and the French Kiss a lot, the same story: a girl meets the love of her life; plus I loved the fact that we saw Anna and St. Clair! I mean, how cool is that? the stories cross!

Lola, the protagonist, was a nice character (I liked way more Anna) and I was wondering all along how she was going to end up her relationship haha most of the time I thought she was blind and that she needed someone to wake her up

the end was so beautiful that it made me cry haha  it was a nice reading and now I can't wait to read the next one :P

well, I guess that's all for now.. and sorry for taking too much time to edit this.. is just that I forgot it haha
thanks for readin/passing by

Cya' *