lunes, 31 de agosto de 2015

Poupée ~ monthly fav: August

Hi cutiepies!
I hope you're doing great! welcome to a new monthly fav! ohh august came and passed by really fast! I know I always say that, but this month literally flought, at least for me..

it was not the funnest month ever, it actually was a little bit boring and stressful haha same as july :P but whatever, we're almost on september and then october! my favourite month *-*

yesterday it rained again and, one more time, we went out to play after the storm passed haha I hope I won't get sick! 'cause it was raining a little bit..

as you can see I don't have so much to say so I better start with this..


20 - it looks nice, but definitely not my favourite outfit from august; I almost didn't buy anything from that event u___u

19 - haha I really liked that dress! it's actually one of the few "oldies" I kept :P before PG closed I got the back one! haha super cute *-*

18 - another "oldie" I kept.. I love it! the outfit was simple but it was very pretty

17 - I'm not a beach bunny but dressing-up in purple was always a good thing; not a big deal: something simple but nice, btw I liked a lot that hair style!


16 - I totally loved the lolita dress! and it looked simply gorgeous with my beloved pink boots *-*

15 - I really liked that event.. and that dress was very pretty, it's s shame I sold it too x__x

14 - well, I'm not a big fan of kimonos, but when they were this cute I had to buy them! I love all pastel colours in this outfit n__n

13 - this event was not one of my favourites but the purple dress-up was too cute! plus I loved those boots


12 - yes, that event again! is just that I was in love with that dress *-* and the bag was too cute!

11 - arrr! I liked that pirate outfit, but I sold it too x__x some time later I looked for it but I wasn't able to find it..

10 - I really liked that outfit! it had a "rock" and "goth" look that I loved! the hair accessory was not the best, but meh whatever :P

9 - I don't know why, but I really liked that kimono.. and the complements were too perfect for it!


8 - I liked that event but sadly I only got like two or three items from it, why? well, the ribbon items were kinda ugly haha and in that time I didn't buy jewels x___x the outfit was cute and, I don't know why, but I love how pastel purple and pink look together!

7 - I'm an eternal black lover! and I really love everything about this dress-up!

6 - this is from the last august pupe was alive.. I really liked the whole outfit, the jacket and the choker were awesome!

5 - okay, I srly loved that dress *-* and the parasol.. ohh I bought it on the market long time ago 'cause I fell in love with it.. I used to own the closed and the open versions, too gorgeous!


4 - I think you already know how much I loved that dress *-* it was too beautiful! I think that was the highest amount of sutekis I ever got on PG.. I obviously got to the top 10, but I don't remember in which place haha maybe it was 4 or 5 :P

3 - I love that outfit! everything on it is perfect! and I was in love with that coffin *-* I used to regret a lot about not getting jewels earlier x__x I missed tons of cool things..

2 - I think this is very similar to #7 but I like this one way more.. the wig was not one of my favourites but I really liked the colour and how it looked with black *-*

1 - finally this is my number one of august! oh damn.. I loved that bag! and the demon wings *-* and the wig, the ribbon, and the bats effect! PER-FEC-TION!

well, I guess that was all for now, now there are only four months left! ohh this year is going so fast.. I can't believe we're so close to the end.. I only hope there will be good things ahead..
and halloween is coming! ohh I can't wait to make the new halloween entries *-* I promise they will be better!
as always, thanks for reading/passing by

Cya' *