domingo, 28 de junio de 2015

DIY Exploding Box Card

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Hi cutiepies❢ ◕‿‿◕ 
welcome to a new DIY entry❢ hope you're doing great ∩__∩  I've been busy as hell 'cause it's going to be my sister's birthday and, as you already guessed, I made something special for her: an Exploding Box Card❢

Hola❢ ◕‿‿◕ 
bienvenidos a una nueva entrada DIY❢ espero que se encuentren genial ∩__∩ ❤ yo he estado algo ocupada ya que será el cumpleaños de mi hermana y, como quizás se hayan dado cuenta, hice algo especial para ella: unaCaja-Tarjeta Explosiva❢

I saw them like a year ago or maybe 2 years haha and I wanted to make one but I never decided to do it.. finally this is the year❢ I have to say at first I thought it was kinda complicated but then I realised it was not (well, not so much)

vi esta idea hace como 1 o incluso 2 años haha y quería hacer una pero jamás me decidí a hacerla.. por fin este es el año❢ debo decir que al principio pensé que era un tanto complicado pero después me di cuenta de que no lo era (mucho haha)

NOTE: as you already know, this is not a video tutorial, only pictures❢

NOTA: como saben, este no es un tutorial en video, sólo imágenes❢

so let's start then❢ ∩__∩

empecemos entonces❢ ∩__∩

Exploding Box Card

you will need:
  ●Cardboard (I still don't know if that's the correct name for it) in different colours
  ●Pens in differnt colours (at the end I used only glittery gel ones)
  ●Scissors (not in the picture, sorry)
  ●Various decorations (I used stickers and magazine's images)



 1 - I used three different colours for the box, so in each one you're gonna draw an square (big: 10x10 cm; medium: 7x7 cm; small: 5x5 cm); then you're going to make some kind of cross drawing a rectangle on each side of the principal square (big: 10x12 cm; medium: 7x10.5 cm; small: 5x9) [img1] then you have to cut each one of them [img2]
 2 - each "cross" will be smaller then the previous one [img3] , you have to mark the square so they'll be able to fold [img4]
 3 - then you can decorate each "cross" (only the rectangles❢ leave the squares empty but the small one), now glue them together by putting some glue on each square, be sure to put the corners of the top square on the middle of the bottom one [img5]

 4 - now for the top of the box: in the cardboard (I used the same colour as the bigger "cross" so the box would be of the same colour) draw another square (10x10 cm) but this time add 4 extra cm to each side (so the final size will be 14x14 cm) make sure to leave all the lines! [img6]
 5 - now make a little cut on the lines marked in [img7]
 6 - mark the lines and fold them [img8] then glue them together to get the top of the box [img9]

extra: Paper Bow❢

 7 - use the two figures (some kind of fish tail and some kind of leaf LOL) [img10] to make the shapes for the bow on cardboard, then cut them
 8 - once you cut them try to fold the "glasses-like" piece without marking lines in it [img11] ; then put some glue in the middle, cover it with an small rectangle of cardboard [img12] ; you'll have to make an "stylized"cut to the "fish tail" figure so the bow can perfectly fit on it [img13] then glue them together

 9 - we're almost over, you have to glue the bow to the box's top❢ [img14]
 10 - finally fold the glued "crosses" to turn them into the box [img15] put the top so they won't fall apart and will keep the form

and voilá❢ we're finally done❢ ∩__∩ now you have your own exploding card box :P once you remove the top, the box's wall will fall down to reveal the card..

haha well, that was all for now, sorry for the messy directions.. is just that I got confused several times plus right now I think I needed more pictures LOL
anyway, if you got confused too you can watch this tutorial (it helped me a lot❢)

sorry it took me so much time to edit this entry.. is just that everytime I came to do it I got lazy and tought "it's so much, I'll do it later.." and I ended up doing nothing.. but finally it's finished❢

anyway, thanks for reading/passing by❢ 

Cya' *