viernes, 31 de octubre de 2014

︷︸ Happy Halloween ⊰☠⊱

"I am the shadow on the moon at night
filling your dreams to the brim with fright"

hello hello ◕‿‿◕
well, as I said I'm here today to edit the entry :P
first of all, Happy Halloween! as you know I don't celebrate it, but I love to stay at home and watch horror movies and stay online doing stuff..
but this year that changed! I went out with my family to celebrate Day of the Dead (yeah, in Halloween LOL) but I'm gonna tal about it in the next entry n____n

now so, let's start with this!

past year I showed my cute babies in their costumes, well, this year I dressed them up again :P

yes, both as pumpkins! I was dying to see them both dressed up like twins haha, so I made  (with my mom help) another costume, so now they'll look the same! ◕‿◕

just look how cute and adorable they are

this is an extra picture of one of them with a different costume :P I put her devil horns.. sorry for the bad picture u____u is just that she moved a lot ¬¬

I went with my mom to get some things we needed and then I saw this.. a cute halloween cat deco! it's so shiny and it was too cheap! it was 50% off *-*

White Glow in the Dark Nail Polish
my sis got this for me ◕‿◕ I don't know if it has brand or not, 'cause the fricking bottle doesn't say a damn thing.. but it glows in the dark!
I tried it, but it leaves a lot of imperfections on the nails plus it has a pearl shade.. to be honest, I didn't like it >____<

I don't know if you can see it (I tried my best, sorry!) but the bottle design is very cute! it has a Jack Skellington's face on it ◕‿◕ maybe I should paint it black, so it will be notorious :P

as you know I love to paint my nails! and I specially love to paint them for Halloween, but in the past years I've been painting them for Day of the Dead, and this year it was not the exception..

at first I wanted a different design.. but it was too difficult and I didn't had enough time to try it.. so I had to thought about an easier one but I screwed it haha T____T and this is how they ended up..

this is how they ended up! I painted one nail purple, one pink and one blue, then I added white little bones and dots to them; at the end I put some glow-in-the-dark polish on the details; I painted the other two nails with white, then added, once again, glow-in-the-dark polish to them, I added the details to them using black, purple, pink and blue maing a sugar skull design..

I loved the result! it's not perfect, but I really love it n____n and yes, they glow in the dark! that makes them cuter than they look with simple light ◕‿◕
I wasn't able to take a picture of them in the dark >____< sorry!!

okay, that was all for now, hope you had or still have :P a happy Halloween!
and I hope you liked my halloween-themed entries n____n it was fun and frustrating making them but I enjoyed it a lot! :P
Laters, babies

The Nightmare Before Christmas - This is Halloween♫