domingo, 12 de octubre de 2014

✬oh, sweet october ︷︸

"But I'll draw the line
there will come a time
when I am stronger
your words won't hurt any longer"

hello hello ◕‿‿◕
hope you're great :P I can't say the same of myself.. today was not a good day, I felt really bad x____x but that doesn't matter now, I'm feeling better..

anyway, I almost forgot to update this! but luckily today I edited the pictures :P
I still don't like the way the freaking camera takes the pictures.. maybe one day I'll learn to like it LOL
okay, enough.. let's start..

as you know I love Halloween!  so everytime I go to the shops I have to buy something u____u every year is the same: I have to get something for my halloween collection ◕‿◕
my mom is always saying that I have this "dark style" but she doesn't mind, she keeps on buying me stuff haha I love her

I recently got this skull shaped latern, for what? uhm.. who knows!? maybe one this it will be useful, right? :P

I also got new wall decorations for my room! I own an small glow-in.the-dark wall figures collection! and I love it
so when I saw these I knew I had to get them n___n'

the skulls are stickers, I think they are for windows, but I don't care, I'm gonna put them on my closet :P or in my door ◕‿◕
the ghosts are made of.. uhm.. some kind of gum.. I don't have idea >___< and I'm gonna put them in the roof or walls.. I still don't know where..
perfect for halloween, eh? but I'm gonna keep them there, all the time :P
.. forever *-*

I'm thinking about making some kind of portrait.. and put there the bigger skull n___n' if I'm doing it then I have to hurry up! maybe I'll mae a tutorial.. I still don't know.. we'll see..

so, that's all for now.. short entry, I know.. sorry u____u is just that I'm not in mood.. I'm tired and I want to go to sleep x___x
okay, anyway.. thanks for passing by
Laters, babies

Emilie Autumn - Castle Down♫