viernes, 17 de octubre de 2014

☠' halloweenezed (|◣|﹏|◢|)

"I wanna see the dirt
under your skin
I need your broken promises"

hello hello ◕‿‿◕
ohmygods I've been away for so long.. sometimes I just forget that I have a blog to update LOL
I really wanted to make an entry yesterday or even the day before but my mind was in another planet u____u

anyway, I don't have so much to upload x___x you already know all my halloween stuff, and I'm not getting anything new :( I don't have plans for halloween; weeeell is not like I've always had plans, right? but this year we (my sisters, nephews, cousin and her family) were planning a trip to Xochimilco to see the famous play of the Legend of La Llorona *-* but all the freaking tickets were sold out x___x then we were going to see the Legend of El Nahual but we are out of money and nobody said "yes" u____u so it's officially canceled..

otherwise, every year in my city are different kind of events to celebrate Day of the Dead, and now we're panning to go to two of them: the first is some kind of trip through the whole city to hear some legends.. if you ask me, it's amazing!! and the second: we're going to the Torture Expo! I've been wanting to go since some years ago and finally this year my wish will come true :P but it's not 100% official yet ∪﹏∪

okay, let's start! I'll tell you more details later n____n

one of the things I got recently is this cute pen! I just loved it when I saw it
I fell in love with it! plus it was very very cheap ◕‿◕

I don't know if I already posted this, but here is it :P I found it the other day on my plushies so I decided to hang it near my bed :P yes, is a ghost plushie *-* it's about 20cm and very soft.. on its purple bag says "BOO" isn't it super cute??

this year I finally got the pumpkin little lamp I missed like one or two years ago, but I also got a new model; a ghost!!

now my collection is complete (at least for this year..)
sorry! I forgot to take a picture of them on >___< but I'll show you next entry, I swear n____n

Bat Hairclips by Claire's
I don't really know why I didn't upload these past year x___x
anyway, I got them after halloween on sale! so they were very cheap.. and I just love them  love everything about them; plus I really like that kind of hairclips, they fit my messy hair very well n____n

so yes, that was all for now :)
thanks for passing by
Laters, babies

Fall Out Boy - Death Valley