sábado, 1 de noviembre de 2014

✝' trip me up! ❊

"Why do you think we should suffer in silence?
When a heart is broken there's nothing to break"

hello hello ◕‿‿◕
yes, here I am again! updatting too often LOL that is something you don't see frequently here.. so enjoy :P
well, as I said in the previous entry I went with my family to some kind of Halloween trip..

a teather small company of my city planned it and they were (or still are?) giving some kind of trip throgh old houses telling legends..

it's not what I expected.. it was very short and not scary, not at all.. but it was funny and I liked it a lot!
I took some pictures and I hope you enjoy them..

that was the first place we visited; there, the legend was about a girl who was "kidnapped" by Belial (a demon) and she's still on hell and she can't escape; so nobody saw her never again..

in the second place, they told us about the Holy Inquisition; it's not properly a legend, but it was nice to hear about it..

in the last place we visited there were an Otomi Day of the Dead Altar *-*
and the legend was about the different entries to hell which are (still maybe..) placed around the city..

and that was all about the "trip" :P

and that's how the streets looked like :P
btw sorry for the shitty pictures x____x is just that was really late and my camera sucks ._. but I loved the enormous skulls you see in the last picture ◕‿◕

I know this was an small entry, but I really wanted to make it today.. tomorrow I'll do another n____n' too much entries too soon right? is just that these are my favourite days, sorry!
thanks for passing by!
Laters, babies

Robbie Williams - Tripping♫