miércoles, 29 de octubre de 2014

❥somebody said Halloween? ^♦^

"Ghouls, they keep me company
it's like I'm the wife of Halloween"

hello hello ◕‿‿◕
woooah Halloween is almost here!! which means Day of the Dead is sooner too!
I couldn't be more excited!

well, I was planning to make an entry uhm.. yesterday u___u but I forgot it LOL plus time passed by really fast ●﹏● I feel I don't have enough time lately.. maybe it's because in my country we changed the hour ¬¬ and I'm still a bit desoriented @___@

anyway, as I said up there, Halloween is coming and I have plans! finally! but I'm gonna talk about that in my next entry n____n'

so, let's start with this :P

time ago my sis got something really cool for me, I fell in love with it since the first moment I saw it *-*

it's some kind of goblet.. cup.. I don't know how to call it; but it looks really cool!
I liked the colour and I loved the fact that in the front (or the back, whatever..)
it has an skull's face and in the back (or front..) you can see a skeleton hand ◕‿◕
isn't it amazing? it's made of hard plastic so it doesn't break easily..

this week my mom bought me these gorgeous hair pins!
they were cheap but they make their work well: they make my hair stays in its place :P plus they are not heavy and look cute on my head ◕‿◕

the same day my sis got these cute pierces for me *-*
I fell in love, srly.. I love skeleton items!
they are made of metal, which is nice but it makes them incredibly heavy! and they are not as small as I would like them to be.. but I can't complain, they are beautiful and I love them

I guess this entry had more stuff for Day of the Dead than Halloween :P but it's okay, I love skulls/skeletons n____n
so that was all for now; sorry for the short entry but I don't have enought time as always ●﹏●
but thanks for passing by!
Laters, babies

Horrorpops - Ghouls♫