jueves, 28 de noviembre de 2013

✧' without imagination*

"Doesn’t matter if it’s all okay
doesn’t matter if it’s not our day"

hello hello ◕‿‿◕
how are you? I hope great n____n' I've been feeling sick (yeah, again..)
but I don't get completely sick ¬¬ is really annoying.. I'm feeling like this like once a week u_____u I hope to get 100% sick or 100% healthy..

anyway, today I don't have so much to say :P or so much pictures.. so this is going to be a boring post n____n'

I went with my mom to buy some things and what did I see? an Arizona Tea bottle! (green tea&honey)haha I know I'm getting too excited for it, but is the first time I see one here..

well, I don't see a better opportunity to show one of my newest nail polish bottles..

DistrollerAVON in Orange
I got this one 'cause I loved the package haha and I realized I didn't have a nice shade of orange polish.. the color is not so bright and not so dark, so I guess is perfect :P
I don't like orange, but I'm addict to nail polishes and I thought havin' an orange one would be useful, for what? no idea..
oh wait! this is the polish I used in my Catching Fire inspired nail art n____n' maybe you can't see it clearly haha but I swear I used it :P

just look at the package! isn't it super cute?

otherwise, I've been super busy finishing my handmade ornaments.. I almost finish! and that's super, 'cause we're gonna deco our home with christmas stuff this saturday.. so is gonna be a laaaarge day..
but I also had time to watch some movies n____n and finally I rented the first season of Game of Thrones!! so now I'm not missing any detail ◕‿◕

The Wolverine: ok, I love X-Men and Wolverine is one of my favorites so I wanted to watch this one.. to be honest, I really liked the x-men movies but the Wolverine one (X-Men Origins: Wolverine) was very boring and I don't like it.. well, I think the same happened with this one, I got bored too fast T____T I don't know why the Wolverine's movies are so boring.. I hope we won't get another one..

Man of Steel: uhm.. I love DC Universe but Superman.. well, not too much.. I didn't get excited about this movie, my mom wanted to watch it so we did it.. you know what? I think is a little bit boring.. our new Superman looks very good but that's all.. will I watch the next movie? yeah, but I won't pay to watch it on theaters, that's for sure.. is what I expected? uhm.. yes, I don't like Superman movies so I didn't have so much expectatives of it

The Smurfs 2: ok, this was not my idea, I didn't want to watch it but my mom, my niece and even my sis wanted to so I watched it.. first of all I don't like the smurfs (don't kill me please..) and their first movie was kinda.. uhm.. boring.. so I figured out this would be the same and I was right :P

sometimes I think I only say the movies are boring haha but is what I think about them u_____u sorry! but I'm getting excited because next month (actually in a few days haha) finally I'm going to be able to rent Percy Jackson (Sea of Monsters) and The Mortal Instruments (City of Bones) yay!

well, I think that's all for now n____n right now I'm gonna watch another episodes of GoT  so, bye haha :P
thanks for reading/passing by
Laters, babies

Imagine Dragons - Who We Are♫