domingo, 24 de noviembre de 2013

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"Sometimes the wire must tense for the note
caught in the fire, say oh
we're about to explode"

hello hello ◕‿‿◕
well, this is gonna be tha last entry about THG:CF.. for now at least :P

the day finnaly came! on thursday night I went to the cinema to watch
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire!!
I was really excited about it, more than a year waiting for it.. and the day arrived and surprise! I was feeling sick >____< I took some medicine and went (I wasn't gonna miss the chance, I'm not crazy!) and I felt a little bit better while I was watching the movie LOL

anyway, I painted my nails days before n____n I tried to make something cool but easy, I think I did it :P I really liked the final result

I painted four nails with a fire effect; I used 24K Golden Twilight by Avon (black) as base, then added some Red by Bissu, Orange by Avon, Neon Yellow by Nabi (all of them to make the flames..) and finally added some glitter to the fire with
Gold Sparks by Avon.. as a top coat I used 24K Gold by Avon

the other nail was not so easy, I had to combine 3 different colors to get the deep red u____u again, made some fire on the center and draw an small mockingjay (the one used in Catching Fire) and again, added the same polish I used before as a top coat, so all my nails would look sparkly :P

I was expecting to get another plastic glass (the ones they give sometimes at the cinemas..) but this time they didn't release them! WTF? I really wanted to add one to my collection T____T

oh well, about the movie.. I FUCKING LOVED IT! is just amazing, I think is perfect the way it is :P of course, it has some little things that I didn't like, but they're so small that they don't even matter n____n

ok, I warned you!

I already said I loved the movie, yeah, is perfect and I'm dying to watch it again; but, what were those small details I didn't like? well, here we go:

first of all, I'm anti Gale.. I just don't like him >____< so when I saw the kiss between him and Katniss I almost died! I knew there were gonna be two kisses (as the book says, in one of them Gale is almost unconcious..) but they gave us three! three! WTF? no no no.. sorry, but no..

I watched the movie on spanish and when I heard Finnick's voice I almost died (yeah, again) why? I'm 100% sure is the same voice they used for Edward Cullen!! SHIT! really? no way! that's like a sin, srly.. just no, don't ever do that again! just because the characters were written as blondes and super hot guys that doesn't mean you're gonna put the same person's voice!

Johanna Mason.. uhm.. on the books there are times when I liked her and others, well, not so much.. but I think on the movie she needed to be more bitchy..

another thing I found quite annoying was Mags death.. they made it look insignificant.. she entered the fog and bum! canon sound, and that was all.. when I read the book I felt sad about her death but in the movie they didn't paid it so much attention..

uhm.. what else? well, I think that was all I didn't like about the movie, as you can see are very small details, so the movie is still perfect for me n_____n
I loved Peeta even more, and JHutch looks very hot! ohmygods

ohh but the fucking couple next to me was talking all along the movie! ohmyfuckinggods STFU! the worst part? she was talking about the fucking movie, like "this is gonna happen now" woooah just shut your fucking shit up you fucking dumbass! ¬¬

ok ok, sorry haha I had to say it :P
anyway, I think that's all for now, because there were not posters or something new there, so no pictures and I felt sick haha
if you haven't watch Catching Fire, what are you waiting for? go GO! is marvellous!
as always, thanks for reading/passing by n____n
Laters, babies

Coldplay - Atlas♫