sábado, 16 de noviembre de 2013

❥fire is catching.. ✯'

"If I'm really a winner,
where do these demons come from?"

5 days 3 hours 55 minutes

hello hello ◕‿‿◕
I really wanted to update yesterday but I didn't have enough time >____<
anyway, as you can imagine for the title, this entry (and the next ones..) is going to be about The Hunger Games: Catching Fire n____n  why? 'cause is coming out, finally, in a few days (at least in my country..)!

but first, a few days ago I watched some movies :P I was planning to rent a tv series (Game of Thrones, season 1) but it was already out u____u so I'll wait a few days more.. maybe I'll rent it after I'll watch Catching Fire *-*

Scary Movie 5: well, I like all of them, most parts of the movies are funny, but other are like WTFF? so I decided to rent this one (the last one), it's.. uhm.. funny but not too much, is not the big thing.. I think there are better movies out there

Mimesis: ok, big mistake.. everytime I saw a zombies' movie I'm like "I have to watch it", after I watch it I always regret it, why? because most of them are really boring.. this one is not the exception; is boring and stupid u____u I think the title on spanish totally confused me! if you have the opportunity, don't watch it!

Now You See Me: when I went to watch Percy Jackson or The Mortal Instruments (I don't remember clearly which one..), this movie was there too; to be honest, I was like "too boring", so I didn't pay attention to it.. like two weeks ago I saw it on the store where I rent movies but I didn't want to watch it (neither my mom); but this week I told my mom to rent it and, she didn't want to, but at the end we rented it.. BIG surprise! I really liked it haha is funny and interesting,
I don't know what I was thinking about! problably one of the best movies I rented this year :P

ok ok, I said it was gonna be a THG:CF entry, so here we go!
let the games begin!

on tuesday I went with my mom to buy some things and I suddenly saw this magazine..
I don't buy magazines anymore, I used to get them when the movies I love came out, so I stopped a while ago, but I had to get this one n____n CINE PREMIERE (november 2013 edition)..

ok, when I saw the mockingjay I screamed LOL but I just got really excited! I thought "ok, this shit is real, is coming out next week.. next week! finally! ohmygods"

I'm only giving an sneak peek :P haha of course, the magazine has more stuff of movies, tv, etc. but the only reason why I got the magazine was Catching Fire

sorry sorry, I think I went crazy about it, right? but, honestly, who cares? I mean, is Catching Fire! I had to :P
well, I think that's all for now.. thanks for reading/passing by n____n
Laters babies

may the odds be ever in your favor

Ellie Goulding - Mirror♫