lunes, 15 de julio de 2013

★' eternal joy [✖]

"We've been falling for all this time
and now I'm lost in paradise"

hello hello ◕‿‿◕
as I always say: "I wanted to update before but I was too lazy to do it", well, I think this time is not the excepcion..
anyway, my bday is closer everyday n_____n' I don't really know how to feel.. the only thing I'm expecting is that I want so badly to get some books! I can't wait to read *-*

I have a lot of edited images! I don't really know what the fuck happened.. but I got them almost ready to upload :P

as I said, I just want to read new books! I just finished two, so I'm waiting.. I'm waiting..

Wuthering Heights: well, I got this book as a birthday present like 3 years ago.. I wanted to read it (thanks to the mention of it in Eclipse), so my sis gave it to me.. fuck! I didn't know it was so boooooring! T_____T it took me like two years to read it u____u I mean, I read it every now and then, but if I had another book to read, I left WH away.. so many people say is a great book and blah blah blah but, sorry, for me it was so fucking boring T____T so I forced myself to finish it.. and finally I did it past week..

Percy Jackson and the Olympians I: The Lightning Thief: sooooo this one was on my "To read list", maybe you know it or not, but I was not in this fandom until now: I watched the movie a while after it came out and I really liked it, I noticed there where books but I was like "yeah.. OK" and then I just noticed it has a big fandom out there, so I wanted to give it a try.. past monday I finally decided to buy the book, I started to read it on thursday and finished it on friday! so you can say how fucking awesome it was for me!  it's so different from the movie that I thought I was reading another book LOL so now I want so badly the complete saga! *-*

otherwise, I've been playing like crazy Happy Jump LOL is funny, cute and I love it!  is so addictive.. I just can't stop playing it :P even if it's a little bit silly haha ◕‿‿◕

a while ago I finally got one of my most wanted nail polishes! I went shopping with my mom (as usual), I'm not gonna lie: I went for it :P

L.A. Girl from the 3D EFFECTS collection (Holographic nail polish) in 3D Silver
haha finally! I was really really lucky to find it in silver! I thought I could apply it over another polishes to make they have that holographic effect n_____n
anyway, about the polish, I just loved it! it changes depending of the light (as I tried to show on the next pictures, I swear I tried!!); just LOVE it *-*

with flash
with natural light/dayight
with artificial light

I also watched some movies (past week and the week before it) :P just a few, there is not so many I really want to watch..

Jack The Giant Slayer (or Killer): I really wanted to watch this one, I loved Hansel&Gretel so I thought Jcks would be as cool as it.. I liked it, but not loved it.. in some parts I found it boring, but is still cool :P

Jack Reacher: well, I didn't watch all the movie LOL but I think is a little bit boring.. to be honest, I don't like Tom Cruise, so I don't really know what to think about this movie..

Tad, the Lost Explorer: so my niece wanted to watch it; I don't like movies for kids haha and this one was boring T____T sometimes I laughed but in general was boring and I just wanted it to end..

A Good Day to Die Hard: I also didn't watch it full haha I don't like the "Die Hard saga" T____T I don't find it interesting.. but I guess it was OK, not super cool, but it was good..

now I want to find the Matte ones.. I feel I need matte polishes >____< but I can't find them :( maybe one day..
so, that was all for now, thanks for reading/checking out :P
Laters, babies

Evanescence - Lost In Paradise♫