sábado, 20 de julio de 2013

•*мαкε мε ɢℓσω'✦

"If I smile and don't believe
soon I know I'll wake from this dream"

hello hello ◕‿‿◕
soooo! I was going to make this post about my bday haha but the pictures are not edited (yet), so I thought it would be nice to show what my sis gave us to dinner for her birthday some weeks ago ◕‿◕

she wanted tome KrispyKreme doughnuts *-* and I have to say I love them! she didn't make a party or gave an small meal, she doesn't like to celebrate her birthday big (just like me..)
she got some flavours, but she brought (to me) the ones I love: Chocolate Brownie and Raspberry

in the picture you can see my beloved doughnuts *-* Chocolate Brownie, Chocolate (with more chocolate inside) and Raspberry..
aaaaaand my mom found my cup (it was I-don't-know-where), finally!! I got it years ago and it got lost :( but she found it and I'm super happy again! n____n

isn't it super cute?? is a blue cat ◕‿◕ you take off its head to put/drink whatever you want :P
I just love it!

about PoupéeGirl (I forgot to write about it when the "notice" came out..), well, I'm not really sure what's happening T_____T some girls are saying the game is going to shut down! but the notice didn't say that exactly, right?
it said: "new items releasing are going to stop, buying jewels, new users invitation and registration" (and other stuff I don't remember..), so the game is not going to have new items (new events), but they said "we're trying to find a way to make the background change with the seasons", so, are they saying PG is gonna be here for a while?

is really confusing! but let's be positive.. maybe they're taking an small break of it, I mean, more than 12 events per year, more than 20 item releases per year.. a lot of work, maybe they don't have more ideas for new stuff..
anyway, I'm gonna stay on Poupée til the end, til they kick me out :P

so, that's all for now.. a very short post, sorry about that! n____n' next post will be extense, so be prepared :P thank you!
Laters, babies

Evanescence - Hello♫