sábado, 8 de junio de 2013

•*★just a little bit..

"They say just grow up, but they don't know us
we don't give a fuck, and we're never gonna change"

I almost forgot to update haha, as always, I wanted to do it before, but I didn't have the pictures u_____u but today is the day!

so.. I've been having some "problems" with my sister.. lately she wants me to take care of her chihuahua.. but sometimes I don't feel in the mood to do it, yesterday happened.. and she got angry.. I have my reasons to not take care of the puppy.. but some people just don't understand >____<
the relationship with her (my sister) is not going good; right now she's going through something, and I noticed of it 'cause my mom told me.. my sis haven't tell me about it yet.. I thought we had a good (I say "good" 'cause long time ago it was better..) sisters relationship..
I've been feeling uhm.. disappointed? sad? upset? u_____u

anyway, not much to say.. but I wanted to show something I bought like 3 or 4 months ago LOL

KleanColor nail polish in 103 TLC *-*
I got it 'cause I had a nice experience with that brand before (a white nail polish and a pink one), I wanted the small bottle, but they didn't have it.. so I picked up the large one; I like the color a lot! is some type of bright pistachio or a bright pastel green :P it looks lovely
and now I regret the purchase a little bit, why? it looked awful on my nails >____< and about the consistency.. it looked gloomy on mi nails! like if I didn't paint them good.. so I don't know what to do with it now.. maybe I use it only for nail art (draws, points, stripes)..

L.A. COLORS color craze nail polish in JEWEL TONE
well, I have to say it was love at first sight I fell in love with the purple tone it has, but most of all for all the glitter! is a transparent base with small glitter in purple, pink and blue! the color comb looks beautiful *-*
I painted my nails with it after I got it and I loved it even more; outside (with the sun light) my nails looked like purple/pink and inside they looked more like purple/blue
like all the glittery nail polishes, is hard to take off u____u but I think it totally worth the time I spent trying to take it off of my nails :P

so.. that's all for now, was a short and quick update, but I was dying to post my nail polishes n_____n' I'm hoping I can get more soon *-*
Laters, babies

Avril Lavigne - Here's To Never Growing Up♫