domingo, 16 de junio de 2013

☀ almost summer~*

"I turn diamonds into dust, And love to rust.
Maybe I will do the same to you (to you)"

I'm bored so I'm updating here :P
this week has been crazy! the weather is crazy u____u warm, cold, warm @___@ WTF?
one thing I love is that these have been rainy days I just love rain, but thunders are badasses LOL sometimes Internet just fuck off haha that's one reason I don't like thunders ¬¬

anyway, my mom got a cute Hello Kitty glass for me n____n of course, it's going to my small "glass" collection haha plus this one is black *-*

I also went shopping with my mom, I've been seeing some "potential presents"; my sis' bday is coming! so I'm reaching for a nice gift n____n BUT I can't help it! I had to go to one of my fav stores.. TodoModa x_____x OMFG! there I always find cute stuff, and this time was not the exception! I got a super cute nail polish *-*

L.A. Girl from the SAND BLAST collection (textured nail polish) in SANDALS
well, I have to say I was looking for a textured nail polish since I noticed China Glaze released their textured collection, but here, where I live, is a little bit hard to find CG and is even harder to find the new releases..
so, when I saw this I knew I had to get it! there were also some Holographic 3D bottles, so I was undecided.. but finally I picked up the textured one, even when the price was not low like I wanted to LOL it costed me like a CG bottle, so I was a little bit afraid of getting it >____<
this is my first product of L.A. Girl, so I reached on the web and found their website, I noticed they have a lot of nail polishes collections and they don't experiment with animals (super awesome!)

here's a better look of the small square on the prev picture :P

about the polish, SANDALS is a bright pink, more like a neon shade.. so is funny to wear
in one hand I applied one single coat, I was not sure if two coats would make the textured effect disappear; but in the other hand I applied two :P I painted them on thursday and right now (sunday) they are still painted! the polish is still on my nails, so I'm really happy n_____n

so I guess I'm gonna get the Holographic 3D bottle, I think I found another brand that I really like ;)
I don't have anything else to say, so that's all for now :P
Laters, babies

Jeffree Star - Gorgeous♫