lunes, 3 de junio de 2013

[❤] about me ;;

"I am not here, I'm not listening
I'm in my head and I'm spinning"

so, Ive seen so many times people doing the "100 things" or "50 random facts" so I decided to do the 50rfam it today :P so here we go!

  1. My name is not Dana LOL but I prefer to be called like that :P
  2. I like pastel colours, but I don't wear them (only on nails or hair)
  3. I'm addicted to sugary/sweet flavours
  4. I have an addiction for nail polishes, it started like a year ago haha
  5. I used to bite my nails, so I had them really small..
  6. purple is my favourite colour
  7. I hate mint (flavour) >____<
  8. my favourite season is winter
  9. I don't like to wear skirts/dresses
  10. I don't like lipstick, only use/wear lip balm without colour
  11. I suffer arachnophobia
  12. my favourite band is My Chemical Romance
  13. I love to read
  14. I'm a TwiHard, that means I love Twilight, no matter what people say
  15. The first book I read of Harry Potter was Harry Potter and the Prisioner of Azkaban
  16. people say I'm a nerd
  17. I don't like The Avengers
  18. my mom says I'm like Tony Stark..
  19. my favourite Disney movie is Alice in Wonderland (animated)
  20. I have a crush on Josh Hutcherson, Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Watson LOL
  21. my favourite movie genre is horror/gore
  22. I don't like romantic movies
  23. I love maths
  24. my favourite food is enchiladas or pizza :P
  25. I could never be a vegetarian, I love meat T____T
  26. my favourite animal have to be panther
  27. I always try to read, at least, 12 books per year (one book a month)
  28. my favourite sport to practice/watch is volleyball
  29. I don't like flowers
  30. I usually don't like to eat cake..
  31. I love dogs, but I never have owned one
  32. I love to go to the teathers to watch the film adaptation of the books I love
  33. usually I go to the premiers (at midnight)
  34. I don't like children
  35. I'm a lonely person
  36. I don't like loud places
  37. I can be quiet for a very long time
  38. I'm very sarcastic
  39. my favourite dress up item are hoodies
  40. when I was a little girl my mom used to read me bed-time stories to sleep :P
  41. the most expensive pair of shoes I bought with my own money were my beloved Converse Knee High boots n____n
  42. I don't know how to flirt LMAO
  43. I love berries, so I can't pick up just one fav fruit
  44. my favourite vegetable are carrots
  45. I hate bugs >____<
  46. my favourite superhero is Batman
  47. my favourite Disney villain is Maleficent
  48. I enjoy washing the dishes haha
  49. I've finished to read books in less than one day (i've done it several times..)
  50. I have a new obsession: collect Monster High dolls
so.. it was large! and sometimes I had trouble thinking about some points :P
but there they are.. maybe I'll do the 100tam later..
Laters, babies

30 Seconds to Mars - Fallen♫