martes, 25 de junio de 2013

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"This is the part of me
that you're never gonna ever take away from me, no"

hello hello ◕‿‿◕
I was gonna write the entry before, but I thought it twice and decided that today was better :P
yesterday I went shopping with my mom, we went to buy my sis' bday presents n____n I finally got her gift and.. I couldn't resist! I bought something for me T____T

anyway, today I wanted to write about the tv shows/series (no cartoons) I watch every week :P why? I don't know.. this is part of my life, so I thought it would be nice to share the stuff I like..

Beauty and the Beast
well, I wanted to watch it since it came out and since the first episode I loved it! as you can imagine, is based on the popular story "Beauty and the Beast"; so it has romance but it also has some action :P right now the cannel is repeating some episodes and in a few days the new ones are gonna be released!

this is really sad: I wanted to watch season one since it came out, but for some reasons I didn't u_____u so I missed it! a few time ago I started to watch some episodes from season two, I didn't understand everything so well, but I'm planning to rent season one soon :P past week S2 ended :( and I just want more.. now I'm waiting so badly to see OUaT in Wonderland *-*

just love vampires  so I wanted to watch this since they announced it for the 1st time..
I didn't watch it when it came out, why? 'cause I didn't have the channel where it was on T____T
some time ago I started to watch season one and two on a channel where they repeat TB; right now is not on air.. but I can't wait to watch the 3rd season n____n I also want (since some years ago) to read the books, and I'm hoping to get them soon!

the Vampire Diaries
when it came out I barely watched the first two episodes of the first season, beacuse of that I stopped watching it.. I lost the interest on it; time passed and last year, the channel where I watched it, repeated seasons one and two 'cause they were going to release the next season.. so I gave it a chance and watched it since the begining.. I just loved it! it became one of my fav tv series; like two months ago (the channel) started to repeat season three 'cause next season was going to be released *-*
last friday season four ended and now I can't wait for season five to arrive!
I also want to read the books so badly, I own some, but not the 1st one :( I hope to get it soon!

I watch it since it came out, I just love the twist they are giving to the Grimm brothers' tales I love tv series like this (sci-fi genre), they are just awesome! at the moment, the channel (where I watch it) is repeating the first half of season two episodes.. and next moth the "new" episodes (second half of the season) are gonna be released n_____n so I'm super excited and can't wait!

to be honest, I was not a fan of this one u____u I watched the 1st episode but I hated the fact that the horse died T____T so I said "no more for me"
later, thanks to my sis, I watched the last three or two episodes of the 2nd season and wanted to keep on watching it.. I watched 3rd season, and at the same time, I watched the first two seasons in another channel; so I din't miss anything at the end.. now I'm waiting for the next season!

AMERICAN HORROR STORY (Murder House and Asylum)
well, I'm a big fan of horror and gore stuff; I wanted to watch it so badly!so I did and loved it! I love everything about AHS it's like my dreamed tv show *-* I never missed a single episode :P and some time ago, I watched again the 1st season (in another channel).. I can't wait (seriously) for AHS Coven

at the begining I was dying to watch Glee, but I missed season one and a part of season two LOL but I started to watch S1 in another channel and I realized I loved the show.. so I started to watch S2 and later the next seasons :P (also watched the two seasons of The Glee Project); time ago S4 ended and I'm dying to watch S5 n_____n

uhm.. I recently started to watch this one thanks to tumblr haha I missed the first episodes (I'm not sure how many, maybe 5; but I'm planning to watch them) and now I don't miss in every week, is just amazing! of course, I watched the movies it is inpired of, so I'm familiarized with Hannibal :P

this one started like 4 weeks ago and just loved it! some people say I'm a nerd (maybe is true.. or not haha) so sometimes I feel identificated with them, this show rules!

well, I think that's all for now.. I just spent more than two hours writing that!
anyway, hope I can update soon :P
Laters, babies

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