miércoles, 30 de enero de 2013

ϟ oh snap! ◕‿‿◕

"I could spend my life in this sweet surrender
I could stay lost in this moment forever"

a few days ago I watched 10 things I hate about you I just love that movie  long time without watching it, is not my style, but I think is really gorgeous :P so that's the reason I put that image (up) haha I love the poem part too sweet n___n sometimes I feel exactly the same with someone LOL

anyway, yesterday I went shopping with my mom, as I said in the past post, I was gonna buy a new MH BUUUUUT u____u the doll that was there was NOT the one I wanted >____< WTF! I want that freakin' doll so bad :(
however.. I bought a gorgeous ring! of course, I'm gonna upload it later to poupée :P and my mom bought for me two muffins *-* ohhh I love those muffins so fuckin' much I could marry the store LOL

one of cookies (oreo) and the other one of cherry
the cherry one was really special and unexpected, it was of vanilla with little pieces of cherry inside, a top coat of chocolate and, between chocolate and the cake was some kind of cherry mermelade..
so it was delicious! maybe not my fav LOL but was really good :P

Sally Hansen INSTA-DRI Nail Polish in 150 Petal Pusher
a few weeks ago I finally got a Sally Hansen nail polish *-*
I was looking for the normal ones, but I only was able to find the Insta-Dri line.. and only 3 colours T___T I think is really HARD to get this brand where I live >____<

so, I got this one, is some kind of peachy colour, really soft, I liked it 'cause I didn't have that colour..
what do I have to say about it? uhm.. maybe is not what I expected.. the site says that with one coat is ready and it dries in, what? 60 seconds (don't remember very well the time LOL)? anyway, one coat, at least for me, was not enough, so I aplied one more.. but I didn't look right u____u I had to apply 3 coats ¬¬ but it really dries fast, I think that's a good point :P

I would love to say it lasted so much days, but I had to take it off today, 'cause on sunday I made a chevron nail art (first time trying this design) in black, but the zig-zag stripes were peeling off u____u

I'm not in love with the brand, well, not yet haha I need to try the normal ones, but is gonna be hard..
uhm.. I think that's all for now.. I've been writing this entry for almost one hour haha is jut because I'm watching Beuty and the Beast (tv serie) and I love it :P

Laters, babies

Aeroesmith - I Don't Want To Miss A Thing♫