lunes, 21 de enero de 2013

ღ .. hello Prejudice, I'm Pride ❤

"Guaranteed to blow your mind

haha you can imagine, with the title, this is a post about Pride and Prejudice LOL
I finished to read the book like two weeks ago and I really liked it  obviously, is better than the movie
you don't have idea how much I love this story my obssession started like.. two years ago?

one day I was watching tv with my sis, then she put a movie (Keira K. was in it), I was like "what movies is it?" she didn't know LOL so we kept watching it.. we only watched like.. 30 or 40 minutes..
when it finished I noticed it was Pride and Prejudice.. days later I noticed it was gonna be on tv again, so I turned it on..
I watched all! OMFG! I loved it I had no idea it was really lovely and well done.. so I watched it everytime it was on tv.. n____n'

I just wanted to read the book so badly.. but I didn't have the opportunity to get it >____< but, finally, as you know, my niece gave me the book on xmas :P one thing I don't like about the translation to my language (spanish) is that names are changed.. (ex. Elizabeth=Isabel ; Jane=Juana), everytime I saw a name I remembered the correct name :P weird!

so.. one of my fav scenes of the movie is almost the end.. after Lizzie talks to Lady Catherine De Bourg.. when Darcy goes to talk to Lizzie.. ohmy.. the way he looks and what he says.. OMFG!
I just love Darcy LOL

"you have bewitched me, body and soul, and I love, I love, I love you."

so.. I think that's all for now LOL I just love that freakin' story.. I had to make an entry about it :P
Laters, babies

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