jueves, 22 de noviembre de 2012

☀ . . like every heartbeat ♡

"I think they found another cure
for broken hearts and feeling insecure"

helloooo! haha yeah, posting time :P
well, finally autumn seems to be here.. the leaves are falling down, but some trees (almost all of them) are still green.. looks like summer or spring LOL

on tuesday I went to rent movies (yeah, I go every week haha) and I got only two..

Brave: well, I don't like Disney movies (only a few.. like.. 6? LOL), they are always the same.. and this one is boring.. I already saw that in another Disney movie.. so I didn't like Brave.. a lot of people were saying it was super cute and fabulous, but no..

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter: what can I say about it? oh yes, I loved it! haha I just wanted to watch it when it was on theathers.. but I was not able to u_____u I don't know why it lasted only a few time on theathers.. is super cool :P I love vampires, so this movie is awesome! now I want the book :P

and look what I got a few months ago..

Nail Polish by China Glaze in Refresh Mint
I just didn't find the brand but one day I went to this store (Sanborns) and saw they sell CG!  of course, only a few colours :( but I bought one and I loved it!! now I want more.. but the colours they have I already have them in another brands..

I think that's all for now..
Laters, babies

Green Day - Restless Heart Syndrome♫