viernes, 16 de noviembre de 2012

❥Breaking Dawn 2 .. ღ

"I got it all so deep,
I can barely even breath"

hello hello! so, as I said in my previous post, I got tickets for Breaking Dawn part 2 premier at midnight :P
I got there at 23 hrs LOL 'cause now the tickets have number and letter, so you have your sit reserved.. the movie was gonna start at 00:05 hrs (thursday 15th), but for some reason it started like 10 minutes later ¬¬

okay okay.. here is where I start with my small review :P

I really liked it but there have been parts that I did not.. like the "fight scene" T___T it was good, how they killed each other LOL but.. c'mon, why my fav characters? WHY?? :(
whatever.. the movie was good but no, it was not an epic end (like Harry Potter), the first part of it was.. what's the word? oh yeah, boring!

and.. the baby (aka Nessie) ohhh what a mess!! it was horrible, yes, HORRIBLE! the baby looked ugly (not like  the book describes her), we all know she has to be not real, 'cause she's beutiful and all of that.. but they tried to make the false baby look cute, but guess what? EPIC FAIL! when she grew up and was the actress (M. Foy) was.. ok.. not perfect..
about Bella.. oh.. she looked like in the past movies LOL the only change she had was her eyes haha! fail..

uhm.. what else? I think they failed when they cut the movie in two.. maybe if the first part ended before Bella "die", the second part would be more.. interesting..
I was expecting more.. maybe 'cause I'm a TwiHard and I really liked the book :P

one thing I really liked was the end LOL when Bella shows Edward how she saw him before she transforms into a vampire.. they put "A Thousand Years" song and it was amazing! and the movie ends with the word forever.. ohh I almost die and cry LOL

so.. do I recomend the movie? if you like Twilight Series, then go ahead :P
now let's wait for a better movie Catching Fire (THG2)

otherwise I finished with the 3rd book of 50Shades trilogy today.. the three books in.. what? 9 days? LOL I was going to talk about the trilogy, but I better do it in the next post :P

and yesterday I watched movies! well, only 3 haha

The Dead: oh my.. what can I say about it? the movie box said it was "the best zombie movie of the decade" well, FAIL! it's boring and the zombies are a big deception.. stupid movie >____<

Rock of Ages: haha funny! it's like watching a Glee movie LOL and with all the rock songs is super cool! not my fav movie, but it's pretty awesome :P

The Expendables 2: ohhh just AWESOME! this movie FTW! haha just too cool, loved it!

that's all for now :P
Laters babies!

Paul McDonald ft. Nikki Reed - All I've Ever Needed♫