lunes, 12 de noviembre de 2012

☄ finally!! ❤✖❤

"I have loved you for a thousand years
I'll love you for a thousand more"

ohh yes! finally I decided to write a new entry.. I've been really away from this :P
anyway.. I have my lap back! yay! I'm really happy and excited LOL I was missing it so much u____u

so.. in less than 53 hrs I'm going to watch Breaking Dawn part 2!! ohh I'm dying to see the "fight" scene..

when my sis went to watch Paranormal Activity 4 (eww!! is horrible T_____T don't watch it!) she got a promotional BD2 glass for me n_____n

ohh my.. Jake.. so now I have two glasses, one of each movie, both of Jake
this is how my small shelf looks like now :P

anyway.. past week my mom rented movies.. the day I was sick (stomachache :P)

The Amazing Spiderman: oh my.. what can I say about this stupid movie? T___T I don't like Spiderman, and I think this movie was a bad idea.. we already watched the "beggining" of that hero.. why in the hell we want to see it again? pointless..

Husk: well, in spanish the tittle is "El Demonio 3", they want to sell it as the 3rd part of "Jeepers Creepers", the awful thruth is that is NOT. this is something completly different.. this movie (Husk) is about a scarecrow; JC was about a demon.. WTF? is boring!

talking about something interesting.. finally I decided to start reading Fifty Shades of Grey
the story I have with this book is sort of.. interesting..

some months ago I was walking on the street with my mom, we were going to buy a nail polish on a specific store, we walked by a library.. always (believe me), always, in any library, I have to stop and look at the books, sometimes I enter and take a closer look.. this time we stopped outside and a book got my eye: it was of a dark colour (I love dark colours), so obviously I was attracted to it, it had some kind of white mask.. "Fifty Shades Darker", I saw it and said "I want that book, it has to be mine"; my mom was like OK LOL so, before I die we started to walk again..

in the store, after I got my nail polish, my mom told me "let's check out the book section", we went and I saw it again.. there was the book, I fell under the spell and said "I want it", I noticed there were another two books with the same colours, so I look at them.. I saw the book I previously look was the second, so I found the first one "Fifty Shades of Grey", I wanted to know more about the books, so I started to read the back of it.. my surprise came when I saw the word "erotic" I almost fell to the floor.. hard..

that simple word stopped me, I said "it's not for me" "not my type of literature" "not my type of book", so I left it and we went back home..
the idea of the book was driving me crazy, I wanted it, but there were something that stopped me, maybe that simple word..
one day on FB one of my friends started to say "reading Fifty Shades of Grey" and my curiosity started again, the book was a best seller, it was famous, even it was gonna be a movie of it.. I had to read it!
"I want the book mom" said finally and she was like "decide: yes or no", we went to the library a few days later and the book was sold out T_____T they said "tomorrow we'll have it", I wanted it so bad, that we went to the library where we saw the book first.. they had it! so she bought it for me.. I got a promotional paper napkin with a quote of the book :P

I started the book, believing "is not my kind of book"... but I guess I'll give the trilogy a chance.. who knows, maybe I like it..

I've been reading some comments of the 1st book and some people talk really bad about it. Yes, don't expect hard literature, because it's not.. it's easy and a very fast reading..

so.. I think that's all for now.. I spent more than 1 hour with this entry LOL is just that I wanted to tell my story with the book haha kinda stupid but meh whatever :P

see you!

Christina Perri - A Thousand Years♫