jueves, 27 de septiembre de 2012

harder and harder everyday.. ஐ

"I don't quite know
how to say
how I feel"

so, I'm sick T___T what a surprise.. now I feel a little bit better, but yesterday I was dying LOL my throath was burning x___x
and.. well, my lap has not "enought memory" so I'm pissed off.. I'm gettin' tired of this bullshit u___u
I can't play on FB 'cause there is some kind of stupid alert "not enough memory" "close IE" c'mon! I want to play the Sims LOL

whatever.. I've been watching some movies.. I went to rent them this tuesday..

[REC]2: ohhh my.. well, I think REC and REC2 are uhm.. fine? maybe the 3rd one was the worst.. not so bad.. but.. do I regret watching it? YES
maybe I spent 2 hours of my life watching another stupid movie..

Trick 'r Treat: on the movie box said it was good, "the best halloween movie" critic made me rent it.. but ohhhhh sweet deception.. it was not what I expected u___u Anna Paquin was on it.. I thought it was gonna be awesome, but it wasn't >___<

The Avengers: well, first of all, I was one of the few persons who didn't watch it on the big screen, I mean, I didn't go to the teathers to watch it.. I thought it was gonna be boring and stupid like the individual movies (Hulk, Ironman, Captain America, but I like Thor though..), so my mom wanted to rent it, even knowing she already watched it.. and made me watch it.. so.. it was a little bit boring for me.. I have to say some parts were funny (thanks Tony!) and the fact that Loki's on it makes it good :P (yeah, I love him!)
she said I'm like Tony Stark (maybe she's right)..

so.. don't hate me haha I don't like The Avengers, and I'm waiting for Justice League, I think those heroes are way better :P

no 1000 pictures today.. I'm tired and don't have enough energy to post a lot of stuff :P

Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars♫