sábado, 15 de septiembre de 2012

►Festive days❤

¡Viva México!★

haha another special entry LOL
today and tomorrow (sept. 15th and 16th) are festive days in my country :P
so I wanted to.. write? haha ◕‿◕

a few days ago I went shopping with my mom and we went to a candy store and I found a typical candy of my country with the colours of the flag..
I just had to buy it.. and of course, eat it :P I love cocadas! (candy made of coconut)

ohh it was delicious! and the vivid colours made it even more special..
and I have some.. mexican themed goods too LOL just to have a fun night or for tomorrow :P

there are my lovely mexican ribbon tie (black and white) and my tri-coloured mexican scarf (I also can use it as a belt haha and once I wore it as a top.. not too hard to made it look like that)

there is my body crayon :P I paint my skin with it LOL so the colours of the flag are on my faceeee :)!
so.. tomorrow will be a parade (for the festive days) and I hope I'll be able to take some pictures :P
if I take some I'll upload them tomorrow.. or monday haha ◕‿◕

see you!
and ¡Viva México! ❤

Belanova - Hasta el Final♫