miércoles, 19 de septiembre de 2012

☁' jumping on the cloudy sky..

"All you need is something new
but you're too blind to follow through"

well, I wanted to update on sunday.. but I was too tired.. monday was a lazy day LOL so I decided to write tuesday.. but.. ohh I was too lazy :( so today is the day haha after saying "I'll do it tomorrow" for.. 3 days? 4? finally I'm here :P

saturday night was pretty funny.. at my house (from the 1st floor) I'm able, every year, to see some fireworks (for the anniversary of El Grito de Dolores previous of the Independence day)
this year was too cloudy :( I was able to see a few, like 4 T______T fireworks..
and only one picture LOL

not cool ¬¬ but then I realized I still have two photos of 2010..

and past sunday (16th) was another festive day.. PARADE day! yay!! n______n
I went and took some photos haha! but I'm not gonna put the images on this post..

not too cloudy eh? was a nice day.. but first of all, this is the way they "decorate" the streets: they put some sparkling deco.. with the colours, obviously, of the flag
btw, I loved that picture haha, the sky looks really pretty

helicopters! took it when I was on the parede, well, before it started.. so I HAD to take a picture of them.. actually they were 3.. but only two passed by when I took the picture T____T the other one was red >____<

at the end of the parade I, of course, had to eat some ice cream haha and my mom got me a cotton candy ❤_____❤ I LOVE cotton candy! and mine was big and delicious and pastel purple! I totally loved it!
btw, my ice cream was.. cookies (not cookies and cream, was "Marias" cookies I don't really know if those cookies can be found in another countries.. O_____O) and VIOLET! yes, violet flavoured ice cream.. if you ask me is D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S! I think is my fav flavour..

so.. in the next post I'll show you the pictures I took of the parade LOL
ohh I'm really happy now! on monday (17th) Grimm is back! yay! second season, the wait finally ended! was amazing!  I'm diying to see the next chapters! and.. ta-da! today I saw on the tv, my beloved show, American Horror Story *--* is gonna be on air again! second season!! on october.. OMFG I love that program!

whatever.. see you!

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