domingo, 6 de agosto de 2017

you started this story, didn't you?

-Attack on Titan Vol. 22 ~ Hajime Isayama

Hi cutiepies!
hope you're having a great weekend! welcome to a new entry..

first of all, let me apologize once again for my lack of presence in the blog.. I've been quite busy these days, also I felt kind of sick some days ago @__@ gladly I'm better now!

this time I come with a quite long entry.. I'm gonna talk about manga and anime.. I wanted to include something else but decided it wasn't a good idea, why? well, if I did it, the entry would have been super extra long! and you know that's not my style :P

this month finally came out the 22nd volume of Attack on Titan! so.. guess who's gonna talk about it? as you already know some time I finally caught up with the chapters, but, as I previously said I'm gonna talk about the new volumes when they come out.. the only thing I'm gonna say about the latest chapter of SnK is that I'm dying.. and that the story is getting more interesting..

anyway, let's start with today's entry then!

Attack on Titan Vol. 22 by Hajime Isayama
as you already know, SnK fastly became one of my favourite anime/manga so I felt that I needed to catch up with the latest chapter; it has been a while since I read Vol. 21 and finally #22 is out!

first of all, let me talk about the cover.. is simply gorgeous! it became one of my favourites since I saw it for the first time.. even if the english edition changed the shade of blue, it still looks amazing, of course, is a big spoiler if you haven't read the chapters haha

okay, with this volume the Back to Shiganshina Arc gets a closure, we finally discover what Grisha, Eren's father, wanted to show to his son: his true story; we're able to know Grisha's past and thanks to this we start to understand a little bit more about Titans

finally we get to see how the Titans were "created" and by who and why.. so yeah, this volume is full of answers; perhaps it doesn't has a lot of action but it gives us information, the one we're gonna need in the future

the characters clearly show a development, and somehow I feel like Eren is slowly losing his mind haha of course, he seems more focused and mature, but he's too deep into "revenge" that he can't see what he has in front of his eyes..

overall this volume was incredible, the story gets more and more interesting with each chapter and I'm dying to know what's coming next for our poor characters..

today I decided to finish another manga volume.. I previously read two of the four chapters it contains, but of course, I re-read those chapters haha

NTR - Netsuzou Trap Vol. 2 by Kodama Naoko
well, I have to be honest, I don't know what I think about this manga yet.. in one hand I think it's nice, but in the other there's something I still don't like

the story follows Yuma and her best friend Hotaru.. and we still don't know what kind of relationship they have.. and gladly, or sadly, the things seem to get harder with each chapter

in this volume we can see the way Takeda feels, and, to be honest, I felt bad for him and I can understand why he acts the way he does..

we also start to know more about Yuma's feelings and see a part of her past; but I'm sure she still has to sort out her feelings :|

one thing that left me quite confused was the fact that we kind of found out why Hotary is dating Fujiwara, but is not 100% yet clear; and now that I'm talking about Hotaru, I can't help it: I like her a lot.. I know, she's like the "villain" in the story, I mean, she's a bad person but there's something about her that I cannot resist

the end of this volume was too much to handle, that cliffhanger was simply incredible.. and I ended up quite angry, with each chapter is easier to dislike Fujiwara; most of the time I feel sorry for the characters but, honestly, what would the story be without all the drama?

overall it was an interesting volume, I don't think the story is advancing slowly, I think it has a good rythm and I can't wait to see what's coming for Yuma and Hotaru!

in the past few days I've been watching a new anime.. it's kinda old haha but I've seen that so many people recomend it, and actually is one of the most popular out there so I decided to give it a try..

at first I just had a vague idea (ok, it was just my imagination) about its plot; so when the movie came out some months ago (yeah, in teathers) I wasn't interested in it.. and what a mistake!

since the first episode it completely trapped me and I could see why people like it; I was surprised to find out how much I actually loved it