viernes, 11 de agosto de 2017

always see you daydreaming

-Anonymous Noise Vol. 2 ~ Ryoko Fukuyama

Hi cutiepies!
hope you're having a great time! I've been feeling quite lazy these days, but look at me, here I am with a brand new entry :P

I don't really have anything to talk about my daily life.. is as boring as always haha the only thing that I've been really doing is watching anime.. a lot of anime u__u (in case you want to see how much click here to go to my MAL profile)

I want to read a book but I don't know, I'm not in the right mood to do it.. just hope to have motivation soon

finally the second part of my birthday presents is here! so take a look n__n'
the good thing I made this week was to read manga, and of course I'm gonna talk about it..

ok, I'm sure the entry will be pretty long, so I better start with it now!

Anonymous Noise Vol. 2 by Ryoko Fukuyama
as you already know, I loved the anime so I decided to read the manga; luckily there are already 3 volumes out (#4 is coming out next month), so I read the first one a while ago and finally the time to continue reading has come

first things first, the plot is still the same: Nino is the main characters, a girl who loves to sing, when she was a little girl her best friend Momo left her without telling her, so Nino started to sing so her voice would reach him someday; then she met Yuzu and the same thing happened.. 6 years after she's still singing to find her friends

Nino meets Yuzu once again and now she wants to find Momo..

in this volume we can see a little bit about Yuzu and Momo's stories; we find out why Yuzu left Nino 6 years ago; also we see some hints why Momo left and why he acts the way he does now (we don't know his full story yet, but soon..)

what I liked the most about this volume is that we finally discover who were hiding behind the masks of in NO hurry's members; thanks to the previous volume we already know it BUT this time they confirmed it and showed who was who haha

in my opinion this volume is better than the first one, we started to see the "unrequited" love and the backstory of the other two main characters is interesting, we still have so much left to see, so that's quite exciting haha

in general it was a great volume, the story gets more and more interesting and my love for Yuzu is growing slowly.. I really want to know what's coming up next for the characters and how's the story gonna develop from this point, 'cause that final chapter was too much to handle

if you want to read the complete review, in spanish, click here n__n

otherwise, yesterday I finally finished to watch another anime.. I feel like I was kind taking my time with the last two episodes 'cause I didn't want to say it was over.. but I had to do it at the end :P

政宗くんのリベンジ (Masamune-kun No Revenge)  /  Masamune-kun's Revenge
Genre: School, Harem, Romance, Comedy (Rating: PG-13)
Season: 01          Episodes: 12

I was surprised to find out this anime aired this year (january), the reason I wanted to watch it is that, recently, I've been carving for Harem anime (most of the time is reverse Harem but meh) and I kind of liked the sinopsis

the plot is about a boy named Masamune, when he was a little boy he used to be fat and so the other kids used to bully him, he met a girl named Adagaki Aki, he fell in love with her but she broke his heart.. he decided to get in shape and now he's handsome and thin (what he wanted the most) and he's ready to take revenge on that girl who thought she was too much for him..

the story begins when Masamune arrives to a new school and soon he sees that Aki is the most popular girl and every boy in the school wants to date her but she's too mean and always ends up rejecting everyone in a harsh way

the story was interesting and with every episode I felt like I needed to keep on watching, plus I liked the characters.. I guess my favourite was Aki, even if I first I didn't understand her behaviour but we get some hints about it through the episodes, so at the end I kind of saw why she acted like that

[1x12]  死んでもマイクを手放すな  /  "Don't Let Go of the Mic, Even if You Die"

the whole season focused in Masamune's effort to make Aki falls for him so he can get his revenge, but everytime he's kind of close he fails..

one interesting character was Yoshino, Aki's servant.. I still don't clearly get her behaviour, she says she'll win with her actions but.. how?

I also think that at this point (last episode) Masamune is confused, he feels like he needs to complete his plan and so he'll get his revenge, but maybe he's not fully aware of how he truly feels towards Aki

with the appareance of Neko and then Gasō, the things got complicated and everything ended up in a battle between class A and B.. both wanted to do the Snow White play so the best one would win, but oh surprise! Masamune gets "kidnapped" by a mysterious person..

and now, the time for some spoilers has come!


it turns out that Aki's friends were the ones that kidnapped Masamune, and since he was feeling sick he was unable to defend himself; as he was the one playing the prince in Snow White (class B), his classmates were anxious but the surprise came when Gasō also disappeared (thanks to Yoshino haha)

Aki decided to continue with the play even if it was without a prince (Gasō), luckily Masamune decided to help class A and he went on and played the prince role for them

*fangirling intensifies* Masamune really kissed Aki! it was supposed to be a fake kiss but he goes and kissed her! OH.MY.GODS! and after they left the karaoke.. when Masamune asked for a kiss.. damn! it was too close!

okay, I also need to know why Yoshino helps Masamune.. she said it was because if Aki was rejected by him (after he made her fall in love) and got her heart broken, then she would become humble and with that she (Yoshino) would have a better life serving her.. but I don't know, that excuse sounds kind of dumb for me :|

I alsmost died when Neko kissed Masamune O__O and they were on her bed! he said he wanted Aki and left.. after that she ran away and discovered she was really sick; luckily they found her and when she was at the hospital she told Masamune why she wanted to be with him (which was a lie, she never told him she met him when they were kids) and also she told Aki to accept Masamune 'cause his feelings were real..

but then Masamune told everything to Neko about his revenge and I guess she kind of understood? and she kept on helping him after that..

then we met Gasō.. Aki's future husband! he's pretending to be Masamune (Aki thinks it's a surname, so she doesn't suspect at all) and it seems that Aki is kind of in love with him 'cause she thinks he's the kid she met when they were younger

but the thing here is that he's lying to her and only wants her money, and since the real Masamune haven't told her he is the "piggy" she just believes Gasō..


I felt like this episode was kind of slow, like it lost the rythm it had; it was funny yeah, but it was not what I expected.. and that ending.. well, I think it could have been better, like it was kind of dumb u__u but definitely that "cliffhanger" left me wanting more

if I have to be honest overall, this anime was pretty nice, I liked the plot and the characters; I laughed a lot and I even got mad like once or twice haha

at the end I just have some questions unanswered left:
why Yoshino did that?
what happened, in reality, between Masamune and Aki when they were kids, why did she said those things?
why does Aki eat that much?

I would like to see a second season, but I'm not sure if someday it'll see the light; I really want to know what happens between Masamune and Aki! so I guess I'll be checking out the manga.. just to see haha

otherwise, as I said in the beginning of the entry, here's the so awaited second part of my birthday presents! and sorry for the delay :P

well, to be honest I went to buy the A Song of Ice and Fire II book like a week after my birthday.. since my mom gave me the third book in the series I felt like I needed to get the second :P

past week I saw that in one of the bookstores where I usually get my books, they were selling JK Rowling's books (to celebrate her birthday) and suddenly I noticed they had the 20th anniversary editions of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone! so I knew I had to get a copy

sadly they only had left the Gryffindor and Hufflepuff paperback editions u__u I honestly would have loved to get the Ravenclaw one 'cause it's my house, but how could I deny to get the Gryffindor one? finally two days ago it arrived! isn't it gorgeous?

to be honest I don't know if there will be a third part of the birthday presents.. is just that I really wanted to order other things online 'cause that's the only place I've found them but sadly I've been having problems to order them.. I just can't pay ¬¬ I've been trying for a while and nothing.. I'm feeling kind of sad and guess I won't have them at the end u__u

anyway, that was all for now.. I guess that, indeed, the entry ended up really long! sorry about that n__n' you know I can't control myself when it's about books or anime haha

as always thank you so much for reading/passing by!
hope you'll have a great weekend!

bye bye!

--- edit 12/08 ---

okay.. I just watched My Hero Academia 2nd Season.. and this episode was really nice, even if some people say it wasn't in the manga and that is just a filler, I found it funny and great, I feel kind of glad to see more of Asui, but now I have a question: is she one of the main characters? 'cause it seems so!

and we're only like 6 episodes away from the season finale!

I also watched Kakegurui.. damn! I'm really enjoying this freaking anime.. I just love my waifu Yumeko *-* even if the plot seems repetitive and some episodes follow the same line, every single one is different in their own way and always show us how intelligent is my baby

I never thought a gambling anime would be interesting, funny and addictive!