lunes, 24 de octubre de 2016

Halloween is coming . . .

-Mañana es Halloween ~ Israel Moreno

Hi cutiepies!
hope you're doing great n__n I've been quite busy and, honestly, feeling a little bit lazy.. but I'm here for a new entry!

I know I've been absent from the blog for a while.. and I always say that I'm going to edit the entries soon.. is just that I tend to forget about it and also I'm always with my head inside a book :P

anyways I'm so excited because halloween is coming! and we already have some plans for those days.. so I couldn't be happier haha

as you already know I'm still into my halloween books to read! and I'm quite sad that it's almost over.. so I had to read another book n__n'

I don't have so much to say/show, so let's start with this!

Mañana es Halloween by Israel Moreno
I found this book on kindle for free! I was looking for some interesting books and suddenly this one appeared.. you already know how much I love Halloween so I culdn't resist the cover and the title (something like Tomorrow's Halloween)

I'm don't know if this book is available in english or another language, but probably not..

the book is divided into four short stories, which have something in common.. and this reminded me a lot to the movie Trick 'r Treat (which I really like)

I have to say that I had my doubts about this book but damn it surprised me how well constructed the whole plot is; at first, while I was reading the first story I was kind of confused, but the more I read the more I understood

I also think that the author does what he was looking fr: scare the reader
of course, I'm not gonna say it was the most scary thing I've read in my entire life; it wasn't like 100% scary, but it had some parts that gave me goosebumps; plus I started reading it after midnight haha and as I read in my phone, well, my bedroom was in darkness

I'm not gonna talk about the plot 'cause I think it will be a big spoiler, and this time I don't want to do that :P but I will only tell you that it was interesting, but at some parts I found the story quite slow..
now, about the characters, I liked most of them but somehow, sometimes, I felt they were kind of flat, that they needed something more to be relatable (at least to me) and memorable

one thing I didn't like was the ending.. I'm not sure why but it wasn't what I wanted, I found it kind of "meh", like, "yeah, whatever.."
overall the book is really good and it's a shame that not so much people know about it, and I would like to read the "sequel", I just hope it's as good as this first volume..

also it has illustrations at the end of each story which are nice and they make you get into the story even more; I'm not sure if I shoul put it: as an stand-alone or not, 'cause it has a sequel but I don't know if they're series, duology or even a trilogy.. :| so I guess I'll leave it under the stand-alone tag.. for now :P

well, I guess I have to cut this right here 'cause I don't have the images ready T__T I know! I have to start editing.. I'm just lazy :|

plus my "busy" nights started some days ago: a lot of tv series are having new seasons.. so I'm a total mess!

last night I watched The Walking Dead and, ohmygods! the episode was just a big heart attack and, yeah, obviously my heart broke.. I hope the season will be as good as this episode was
also.. American Horror Story.. mygods! I just can't with so much perfection on tv haha
but yeah, I'll talk about the series when their seasons are over..

well, hope you enjoyed the short entry (for now..), and yes, I'll come back to edit soon! I promise n__n
as always thanks for reading/passing by!
have a great week!

bye bye little bats!