sábado, 15 de octubre de 2016

Dani's tales from her crypt

Hi cutiepies!
ohh I'm really really sorry about my absense from the blog :| is just that I'm really BUSY T__T luckily it'll finish tomorrow with my duties haha

anyway, welcome to a new entry! hope you're having an spooky time n__n

okay.. so the point of this entry is to write one of my super paranormal experiences..
I'm not really sure why I'm making this haha is just that as we're in the spooky month I thought it could be a good idea..

well, I'm not sure how to start, so I'm just gonna do it :P

this paranormal experience is probably the most spooky of all the ones I had in my life..

it all started when I was like 14 y.o if I remember correctly it was on december, after my family held a reunion in my granny's house, which I have to say has a big garden/patio and is actually connected to my mom's house :P

anyway, it was like 9 p.m. and I was with my cousin (one year younger than me) and we were about to go inside my granny's house with everybody else, suddenly we heard steps coming our way, we thought that maybe her mom was coming for us because it sounded like was someone in high heels, so we kept on walking to meet her at the middle of the way

surprise, surprise.. there was nobody in there, only the two of us.. we thought it was strange so after we entered the house we asked if there was someone outside, the answer was no.. we felt kind of scared but we ignored this event

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