martes, 6 de septiembre de 2016

every beat of my heart is yours

-The One ~ Kiera Cass

Hi cutiepies!
hope you're doing great n__n
finally I'm back for a new entry.. I know there are a lot of new entries lately, but that's what happens when I read a lot 'cause I want to give each book a proper entry haha u__u

anyway, I've been quite busy making the entries in my side blog.. and trying to edit my other side blog! but I'm doing my best, I swear :P

I don't have so much to say, I'm afraid..
so let's start with this!

The One by Kiera Cass
this is the 3rd book in The Selection series, and, it was supposed to be the last one haha so, obviously, it was a trilogy.. until the author decided to write more books..

I have to say that I enjoyed and liked a lot this book, I think it was better than the previous one, and even if America gave me, through all the books, reasons to dislike her, she also gave me good ones to love her, she became one of my favourite female characters

finally she chooses but without loosing herself; I always enjoyed how she reacted against what she thought was bad but in this book there were a part that made me sob: we clearly saw the queen she had inside

the plot is very easy to understand, but this time we got more love/romance and it was really sweet :P as I've said before, the author writes in such an easy way that before you notice you're done with the book

in general it was a great choice, and I don't regret reading it.. it's not one of my favourite books but it was really nice, plus the cover *-* oh it's gorgeous!
I'm srly thinking about getting the books for my library, when? I'm not sure, but I want them, I bet they'll make my shelf look prettier :P

I have to say this book gave me everything I wanted and I'm so glad I gave a chance to the original trilogy! but about the next books, I'm not sure the story has what it takes to be extended, but I'm hoping for the best..

if you want to read the extended version of my review, in panish, click here n__n

otherwise, my sister bought something for me..

Kawaii colorful socks
yes yes yes! aren't they super cute?? I guess they're pandas n__n
even if the colours are really bright they're lovely and I love them so much *-*

uhm.. I guess that's all for now.. I know this entry is really short, but I don't have so much to say/show, so I'm sorry about that haha
anyway, I hope you enjoyed the entry :P
as always thanks for reading/passing by! hope you'll have a nice week!

bye bye!