viernes, 29 de abril de 2016

the safest hands are still our own

-Captain America: Civil War (2016)

Hi cutiepies!
hope you're doing great n__n welcome to a new entry! I've been quite busy but finally here I am for a new entry :P

well, as you already noticed this is going to be a Captain America: Civil War themed entry!
finally, today was the day.. and yeah, as you already know I got my tickets for the midnight showing and I was kinda excited, why? well, it was the very first time I went to a midnight showing of a Marvel movie.. and, I'm not sure, but I think it's my second time watching a Marvel movie on theaters..

hard to believe, right? but it's the truth!

so, probably you already know this, but I'm not a big fan of Marvel.. recently it started, why? because, suddenly, I found myself watching Age of Ultron like a thousand times on tv! just 'cause my moms loves the Avengers.. so I started to get interested.. and BAM! before I even know it I was so ready to watch Civil War..

okay, first of all: #TeamCap all the way!
haha sorry, I had to say it..
well well.. let's start with this!

first of all, let me show you the pictures of the promo I took before the movie (actually I took it early in the evening!)

okay okay, now, let's get to the point: did I like it? hell yeah!

I think this movie was incredible.. sadly it's quite long, but it's still amazing!
since the very begining they show you a little bit of action and then they get into one of the two important subjects of the movie: the Sokovia Accords (which basically says the superheroes have to be controlled by the United Nations)

so, as you already know, this "breaks" the team and then everyone is taking a side.. but.. is that what Civil War is really about? at first you could say that, indeed, it is, but no, there's another important thing: Bucky

people think that Bucky, The Winter Soldier, who is missing since the previous Cap's movie (The Winter Soldier) is responsible of a terrorist attack.. with that the "War" begins

let's get honest here: as a Disney movie is pretty obvious the plot can't be complicated, why? well, it's basically for kids, so it has to be easy to understand; sadly I think that the main plot (or the plot that should be the main one) gets missing through the movie and we end up seeing a fight for friendship and "revenge"

I'm starting to think that I can't talk about this movie without spoilers, so here they come, sorry!


well, when I started to investigate about this movie, I found out that, according to the comic, Cap will end up dead.. so I was uhm.. kinda excited and wondered if they would go with that plot..
it was not a big surprise to see that they didn't follow that story, you know why? well, it's pretty obvious: it's a Disney movie

I'm not gonna complain about Marvel  movies being Disney's, is just that let's have a clear point: they're, mostly, for kids; so it's obvious not not see a lot of death, especially of kid's favourite heroes

also I'm kind of tired of people who compare DC and Marvel, like, yeah, they're different BUT I think they are focused to different audiences and it's pretty obvious that Marvel movies are considerer better 'cause they have more experience in the hero path..

anyway, let's go back with the movie plot..
it was a good thing to see the "controversial" side of the plot: the Sokovia Accords; why Iron Man wanted everyone to sign them? because he felt guilty about all the death the team wasn't able to avoid, but it's just like Cap said they can't save everyone

also I felt bad for Wanda, she is still learning how to control her powers, and it was really sad how many innocent people died, but she felt very guilty to the point she thought she was a real danger for everybody, gladly Vision was there for her..
sadly Tony wanted her to stay inside the building, because "it's safer for her" but, c'mon, we all now he was worried she could hurt someone else..

I was so happy to see how Cap trusted and protected Bucky, but let's face the truth: Bucky is Steve's dark side; he would do anything for him 'cause he's the only person from his past now that Peg is gone :(

the fight between the "teams" was amazing and also it had some punny moments..
the part when Ant-Man gets bigger is my favourite, he's so cool!

then.. I was so happy to see that Tony realised that Bucky wasn't the one to blame.. except for his parents' death.. woah.. that's when the tension became stronger..
the fight between Cap, Bucky and Tony was incredible! I just loved how awesome Cap and Buck teamed up! both are just too cool fighting together..

and that ending.. Cap gave up his shield.. and Tony was like "what happened? I thought you were my boyfriend, not Bucky!" haha

luckily my boyfriend T'Challa discovered that Bucky wasn't the one who killed his father.. and he ended up helping him!
now.. Bucky is in Wakanda.. frozen.. T__T maybe that's gonna be the plot of Black Panther movie? he protecting Buck? uhm..


anyway, I was glad to see some new characters and the ones we saw in AoU, like Vision and Scarlet Witch (OTP yay!), and, to be honest, I was surprised to find out how much I loved Black Panther.. like I wasn't expecting to love him the way I did, definitely I want more of him *-*
and my baby Bucky! ohmygods I love him so much!

ohh did I mention I have never watched Ant-Man before? my bad..
but thanks to this movie I want to watch it! Scott was one of my favourites!

about the new Spider-Man.. ohboy.. let me tell you that I don't like Spidey.. yeah, horrible but true
so I didn't like him, also Aunt May looked too young for me.. yeah, I know, I'm a young aunt, but.. it's not the kind of aunt I imagined Peter Parker would have haha

the ending was uhm.. some kind of bittersweet but it was okay, I mean, I can't wait to see the next Avengers movie :P

this time I was so excited to get the collectibles! there were two plastic glasses, one popcorn "bowl" and a key ring..

so I got the glass with Cap :P sadly it also has Iron Man haha
actually the other one was TeamIron themed.. not fair! I wanted a only-Cap one but oh dear life's unfair!

I also got the popcorn "box" it was so cool I couldn't resist.. just look at it, it has the two "teams" characters! so basically I got it for Bucky, Black Panther and Wanda haha
gladly they were selling them empty (with soda/popcorn they're really expensive) so I was able to afford this beauty too

aaaand, look at this beauty *-* a key ring, with the shape of Cap's shield! how cool is it?

ohh I was forgetting about an important thing: I painted my nails for this special ocation!

I'm not gonna say this was easy, 'cause it wasn't haha
at first I was going to make a Cap nail art but then I realised I had to put Iron Man as well, so I went for it.. maybe I don't like the result so much, but they look kinda nice :P

I used blue as a base for the thumb, then I made the Cap's shield using red, white and a silver star
for the index I used a nude polish as a base, then used blue to make Cap's mask and some white acrylic paint to make the "A"
I used blue and red (half and half) for the middle finger, then used more paint to make a big star, then added a lot of silver polish
I used red as a base for the last two nails, in one I used golden polish to draw Iron Man's mask, then used black for the details; for the pinky I used white paint to draw the "thing" Iron Man has on his chest haha

well well.. I guess that's all for now.. sorry for the long entry! is just that I wanted to talk so badly about it and I also wanted to show you all the stuff I got :P
anyway, thanks for reading/passing by! have a wonderful weekend!

bye bye!