miércoles, 20 de abril de 2016

What matters to you defines your mattering

-An Abundance of Katherines ~ John Green

Hi cutiepies!
hope you're doing great! I've been uhm.. not as busy as past week haha but kind of.. 'cause, as you can see for the quote up there, I started a new book n__n

also I was sick on sunday haha I had a horrible stomachache x__x I'm not sure why.. but I felt like I was dying! so it was a good idea not to start to read another book on saturday :P

anyway, I don't have so much to tell you, only that I'm doing my best to edit the previous entries! so keep an eye on them..

oh and I forgot to tell you before! I recently created an account on beek (something similar to Goodreads) my user name is kedavra ; so, if you'd like to, follow me :P

okay, let's start with this..

An Abundance of Katherines by John Green
this is the 4th book I've read so far by this author; thanks to the first one I read (The Fault in our Stars) I fell in love with him, and was dying to read the other books he wrote..
but honestly now I realise that maybe, just maybe, the more I read his works the more I start to dislike what he does..

I had a big problem with this book 'cause I found it quite boring and it didn't get to fully catch up my attention, I mean, I wasn't really into the story like usually happens with other books; I even put it down several times to do other things u__u

I wasn't really interested in the story and plot, I think it was plain and pointless and at the end it just remarked what we already know, like the point was there since the begining but somehow it was like unexistent for the main character..

talking about the main character, let me tell you that I didn't like him so much 'cause I found Colin kind of annoying and he was always whining about his "bad luck" on love, also I couldn't buy the thing of being dumped so many times, like, really? that number of ex gf? REALLY? I guess he has an obssession with that, maybe he should had sit down and think about his life :|

now, about the book, it was easy to read and sometimes it was funny, is one of those books you can read in one day, it has some maths (but don't worry is not like you're gonna have to put a lot of attention to them) which I liked; overall I think it was just ok, for me is not a good book so I don't see why some people just freaked out about it and yelled to the whole world it was an amazing book 'cause it's NOT

and, the biggest problem I had was that I started to think that John Green uses the same pattern in all of his books:

***probably an spoiler***

-The main character is a loner who has something "special" that makes them unique but other people may think it's weird/dumb
-The best friend ('cause face it: his/her friend circle is really really small) who is funny and most of the time the clown, suddenly explodes and the main character realises that maybe, just maybe, is not the only one who suffers in the story (well, the world)
-The trip.. yes, the holy trip! something happens and bam! "let's go to a trip"; in an unbelievable way, this fixes everything 'cause the main character has some kind of "epiphany"
-The love interest who is the reason of the trip, and at the end they don't end up together


so, yeah, you can see why I'm getting tired of his books T__T but I hope I'm wrong! 'cause I think Green is so talented and he writes in such a nice way that it would be a shame if all of his work is just like that..

that's why I only gave it 2 stars on Goodreads (also I posted my first review there in this book!) and 2.3 stars on Beek (I thought I gave it 2.5 but it confuses me a little bit how the hell I was able to put that .3)

I don't know how many books written by John Green I have left to read (only one comes to my mind: Will Grayson Will Grayson, right?), but honestly right now I don't feel like reading more of his work, maybe in a few months or next year, who knows?

otherwise, I got new polishes! both of them thanks to my lovely sister *-*

Nail polish by im in Cielo
first of all I don't think that's the correct shade of blue (something like "sky" or "sky blue), at least it'd be night time haha

I picked up this shade 'cause I wanted a blue polish for my upcoming nail art (Captain America! yay!) and it was actually the only one that looked with some potential to be the right shade..

nail polish -offbrand- in white
yes, it doesn't have a brand but it's so damn cute! *-* just look at it! it was kind of expensive for the size but meh I think that pretty dolly shaped botte worth it! I only hope the polish works fine and won't be a waste of money ¬¬

well, I think that's all for now.. sorry for the long entry, I didn't think it was going to be that long!
anyway, I have a new project in my hands and hopefully it'll be ready this week.. but I'll tell you about it in the next entry :P

as always thanks for reading/passing by! have a nice day/night/week/whatever!

bye bye