sábado, 20 de diciembre de 2014

♙.. oh please no ×﹏×

"Cherry lips, crystal skies
I could show you incredible things
stolen kisses, pretty lies"

hello hello ◕‿‿◕
I hope you've been doing great! I can't same the same about me.. I was sick the past few days and yes, I got better, but I'm not 100% healthy yet..

anyway my plan for today was to edit the previous entries, and to edit the pictures for this one, but sadly I started to feel bad the whole afternoon and right now I still feel that way x﹏x I just want to die LOL so now I don't have energy to make it longer so I'll update later..

▬◈ EDIT ◈▬

okaaaaay finally I decided to edit the entry x﹏x as I said before, I was sick (I'm better now :P) and really busy! but right now I have some free time ◕‿◕
as you know christmas is coming! and I'm only gonna make like two entries with that theme.. is just that I don't have time and/or stuff to post ∩___∩' but let's start this new entry!

I rented a videogame to play with my niece (my nephew is on vacations with his dad..); they brought their xbox to my house, so we can play :P

Lego Marvel
I was dying to play this one! I love lego videogames and since I loved Batman 2 I really wanted to play this one ◕‿◕
as all the lego videogames, this one is loooong and very funny! we only reached like 20% on 5 days T____T (thanks to my nephew who came back to play with us :P) maybe we rent it again later ∩___∩

and, to be honest, I was dying to play with the villains *-*
Loki is my favourite  but I wasn't able to play with it 'cause my nephews bought other characters (all superheros ¬¬)

do you remember I said I was very busy at the begining of the month? well, finally I'm gonna show what I was doing..

I made cute and small gingerbread men ornaments ∩___∩ and yes, I sold them! I used pastel colours (pink, blue, green and cream) on them 'cause I wanted them to look very very cute :P
I also did some for my oldest sister, she asked me to do their details on purple and celeste, they ended up looking very very cute and awesome  sadly I didn't have a picture of them u_u

a few days ago my mom got me some christmas chocolates  they were really delicious! plus the package looked very cute, don't you think?

time ago my sis got this cute gingerbread man key chain for me
she knows that's one of my favourite christmas figures ◕‿◕ it was cheap but it looks cute; it's a little bit big but, who cares? I think it looks like the one from Shrek, right?

so, that was all for now ∩___∩ sorry for the delay! I'm doing my best to update the whole thing.. but thanks for keep on visiting.. love you all!
Laters, babies

Taylor Swift - Blank Space