miércoles, 17 de diciembre de 2014

ˇ◊ˇ feels like 12 days of sickmas.. [❄]

"'Cause the players gonna play, play, play, play, play
and the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate"

hello hello ◕‿‿◕
I really wanted to update before, but I was sick x﹏x actually, I'm still sick LOL but I'm feeling better now.. that's why I'm coming to make another entry..

anyway Christmas is coming❢ so that's why the entries are going to have this "christmasy touch" (I don't really know how to call it, that's why the silly name :P sorry!) ◕‿◕ okay okay.. let's start then❢

the other day my sis bought a pastry for me in this new bakery we recently found out..

it actually looked delicious *-* plus it had berries (my kryptonite❢) and green apple  but when I ate it it was uhm.. not really good T____T it was tasteless❢
oh btw, sorry for the shitty picture! I took it at night that's why it looks so ugly!

I recently started doing my xmas shopping ◕‿◕ my sister went with me and she got something for me..

Nail Polish Remover Pads (Strawberry) by Cuidado con el Perro
in one of the previous entries I talked about another brand pads (which I didn't like); these are not very different.. but my sis bought them 'cause I still had some nail polish on my nails❢ I forgot to remove it T____T and my nails looked really bad..

these were also cheap (not as cheap as the other ones) and they smell really good but, as happened with the past remover pads, I didn't like these neither.. but they were useful and saved my life :P

on sunday I had a family party: we went to my cousin's daughter birthday; I was sick (not as much as I'm right now..) but I wanted to go 'cause I really love my cousin ◕‿◕
we had a good time together and everything was great..

they gave us a cute "clay" doll (actually it's a pink angel) and a cute decorated candle; also we got an awesome wooden bubble-gum machine ◕‿◕
in case you're wondering, yes, it works❢ so you can eat all those freaking bubble-gum balls

well, that was all for now :P sorry for the crappy entry, but I don't have so much to say.. just wait for the xmas themed entries ∩___∩
thanks for passing by❢
Laters, babies

Taylor Swift - Shake It Off