martes, 30 de diciembre de 2014

❧if this is love I do not want it ..✞

"I saw the light fade from the sky
on the wind I heard a sigh"

hello hello ◕‿‿◕
today's entry is gonna be a little bit more different..
as you know I love to make special entries for the movies I watched on teathers and loved them, but today I'm gonna mess it a little bit, okay?

as you can say for the above image, this is a The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies entry ◕‿◕

so, let's start❢

I was introduced on J.R.R. Tolkien world by The Lord of the Rings films ◕‿◕ since then I really wanted to read the books..
on january I finally was able to get and read The Hobbit❢ (I still need to finish the LotR books; I only have the first), so I was dying to watch the final movie.. I was a little bit busy when it came out; but on friday I finally watched it ◕‿◕

I went to the first showing of the day; and surprise, not so much people in there; I guess it was because it came out like two or three weeks ago and everybody watched it already.. luckily there was not so much noise and I enjoyed the silence ◕‿◕

so, what do I think about it? it was really good❢ I loved it  it was full of action and I think it's the best of the three movies :P

uhm.. I would like to say more, but I think it's gonna be an SPOILER for people who doesn't have any freaking idea of the book/movie.. so here start the spoilers, okay? stop reading if you don't want to know..


okay, first I read so much people saying that they didn't like Thorin attitude. but I think it was good, I mean, I remember him being selfish about the stone he was looking for; one thing I didn't like was when he doubt about his company loyality; he knew they were loyal to him.. the fact that Thorin thought somebody (of his dwarves friends) stole and hide the stone from him was not what I expected from him..  but I liked how they portrayed him in the way he wanted the stone..

other thing I didn't like, and this is the most important of all, was the fact that they made Kili look more mature than Fili; I mean, Fili was the big brother, someday he was gonna be king, he was the one who had to put Thorin's feet on the ground; I feel Fili was absent the whole fucking time like he didn't matter in there.. even his freaking death they made it look unimportant (same as Kili's): they died defending their uncle; they gave their lives to save Thorin not beacuse the orcs found them, not because Tauriel, NO they sacrificed themselves for Thorin

one thing I liked was the fight between Lord Elrond, Saruman The White and Lady Galadriel vs those "Shadows"; I enjoyed seeing Saruman in a fight I didn't knew I needed to see him til it happened.. it was so freaking cool

another thing I loved was the heart breaking scene when Kili dies :( I mean, I liked the quote that Tauriel says; is just too perfect, sad but perfect..

so, you can say I really really liked the movie ◕‿◕

okay, as I said up there; this entry is not gonna be only about the movie, 'cause this time I didn't paint my nails for it T____T and as the end of the year is near, I'm gonna talk about something really cool: books❢

maybe you noticed I didn't read a book this month❢ and that freaked me out u﹏u so I decided to get a new book ∩___∩ why? well, because the respective movie came out on DVD and I was dying to watch it.. so I wanted to read the book first :P

The Maze Runner by James Dashner
I read a lot of good comments about this saga, so I wanted to give it a try..
I got the book like two or even three weeks ago but I didn't start it until this sunday.. what are my thoughts about it? well, I loved it  I feel I need to read the next books ◕‿◕ the plot is interesting and it drove me insane❢ all the time I was intrigued by it and was dying to find out what was the core of the whole thing.. is an amazing book and I'm starting to think it's better than Divergent saga.. but, who knows? maybe when I finish both sagas I'll decided which one is  my favourite :P

~this is a dystopian world where Thomas (the lead male) suddenly wakes up in an elevator, he's out of memories and he doesn't know where is he going..
He's in "The Glade" a place full of teenagers who survive by themselves; they are trapped in some kind of laberynth and they've been trying to find the way to escape from it..
things get strange when suddenly a girl, the first of them all, comes to the Glade and suddenly everything changes; now they'll have to find their way out..

'cause this is the last entry of the year I'm also painting my nails (yep, again..) for the special ocassion.. I watched a tutorial and it looked easy and cute, so I wanted to try it ◕‿◕

I used white on two nails and used some striping tape on them to make the geometrical design; then I used pastel blue, pastel pink and pastel purple to make a fading effect..
in two nails I used blue holographic nail polish (not 3D), I was just looking for a metallic polish and thought that one looked nice..
in the ring finger, I used glitter nail polishes (in fact were three different glitter polishes) and  it was really really hard to make it look like that..

I took the picture above right after painting them.. that's why it looks a little bit shitty and messy ∩___∩'
the next one was taken the day after, with sunlight..

I loved how they ended up❢ they looked really pretty ◕‿◕ and they were not so hard to make; the only difficult part was to make the geometrical design.. but for my first time doing it it ended up looking really good, don't you think?

okay that was all for now.. I hope you enjoyed this year's entries❢ I know sometimes I forgot to update/edit but it was a difficult year.. I'm wishing next will be easier and better ◕‿◕

I thank all of you for passing by and reading.. my best wishes for you and for your loved ones  I hope next year you'll have a lot of love, peace and happiness ◕‿◕
again, thanks for eveything❢
Laters, babies

Billy Boyd - The Last Goodbye