martes, 9 de diciembre de 2014

⌘' acrylic illusion ~♚

"Don't want your money, I've got my own
you're not my daddy, baby I'm full-grown"

hello hello ◕‿‿◕
hope you've been doing great! almost a week since my last entry.. is just that I'm out of time and imagination.. but I'm doing my best u﹏u
anyway, sorry about the unfinished entries T___T I'll try to do it better :P

anyway, I better start this new entry; let's go❢ ◕‿◕

some months ago I went shopping with my mom 'cause I wanted to buy my sister's birthday present; at the end I also bought something for me..

Mint Sweater by C&A
I fell in love with it since the first time I saw it❢ I really like the colour and the shape
usually I tend to wear it with black or white and pink :P

I don't really know why the colour looks so different in every single picture, sorry!

all the deatils, like the long sleeve fists and all the metallic "buttons" make it look pretty and cute❢
I don't really know why I always end up looking and/or getting mint coloured stuff.. maybe I really love the colour

Moka Short Books by Bershka
I got them long time ago on sale ◕‿◕ they were super cheap and the looked nice, so I decided to get them..
they were on their box and it was under my bed! that's why I didn't remember them u﹏u

the heel is not so high so I don't get tired fast when I wear them; they are super comfy and warm: perfect for this season! I took them out of their box like two months ago..
but it's like I'm gonna wear them only on autumn/winter.. I'm planning to wear them more often ◕‿◕

I'm still not 100% sure about I like the colour.. is just that I don't like brown u﹏u but I enjoy them; I think they look really stylish

otherwise, finally I went to rent movies again! these are the ones I've watched so far..

The Expendables 3: I really love this franchise! I'm not a big fan of most of the actors that appear on this, but I love to see them together and the idea to put all of these action stars is awesome❢ this movie was full of action and I really liked it! I think they're still missing some actors (including some actresses!), maybe they'll launch a 4th part? who knows❢

The Amazing Spider-Man 2: I'm not fan os Spider-Man, but this new franchise makes me laugh a lot; I love Peter's new sense of humor, he's so hilarious❢ my mom wanted to watch it, so I watched it too, to be honest it was boring and it was too long, maybe they put things that weren't 100% important.. I really wanted to see what happened to Gwen Stacy but at the end it broke my heart..

Guardians of the Galaxy:  okay, I wanted to watch this when it came out, but I was busy so I waited for it to be on DVD/Blu Ray; and guess what? I just found my favourite movie from Marvel❢ I really liked it  the characters and the plot are interesting and awesome and it's so funny❢ I loved them all, but my favourite was Gamora.. is a shame we're only able to find merchandise from the male characters >< that's something that makes me really mad :@ anyway, I can't wait for the second part❢

Down of the Planet of the Apes: I never liked Planet of the Apes and the new movies are not the exception; I found it quite boring plus I didn't like to see the apes dying and killing.. maybe I'm too emotional over animals :l sorry❢ no more to say about this movie..

Non-Stop: I liked a lot this one, I think I love Liam Neeson, he's just an amazing actor.. plus the plot was interesting, unexpected and full of action; I was almost biting my nails❢

Deliver Us From Evil: I watched this one on halloween at midnight (I forgot to talk about it before); for me it was boring and I was almost sleeping while I was watching it.. the plot was not surprising and repetitive; I guess that happens in all the movies that are about exorcisims..

I also rented Maleficent and The Fault in Our Stars, but you already know what I think about them..

well that was all for now.. sorry for the short entry :P but thanks for passing by❢
Laters, babies

Ke$ha ft Iggy Pop - Dirty Love