jueves, 25 de diciembre de 2014

❄*❉ Merry Christmas! '☃

"'Let It Snow' is blasting out
but I won't get in the mood"

hello hello ◕‿‿◕
Mery Christmas❢ I hope you enjoyed your day and had a lot of fun❢ my best wishes for you and your loved ones ∩___∩

well, first of all I totally forgot to show you my xmas tree this year❢ we only added purple to it.. 'cause we didn't had time to think about the colours and deco for it.. so we decided to re-use (luckily for me!) the Jack Skellington ornaments I made for the past christmas.. take a look ◕‿◕

in this entry I'm gonna show all the xmas presents I got this year :P so let's start❢

as you know I usually don't get so much xmas presents, but I'm glad I always get some..

first I got some clothes: jeans, two black shirts and underwear (which obviously I didn't put on the picture :P)

my nephew gave me a lovely Jack cup❢ I didn't own one before, so I'm really happy I finally got one :P
and my lovely mom gave me an amazing skull cup❢ it was love at first sight  isn't it super cool? you can also see the skeleton hand over there as the part where you grab the cup ◕‿◕

my sister and her baby gave me this cute hat❢
is all fluffy and very very warm *-*

I don't really know what it is.. maybe a bear? honestly I don't really care, loved it it's the cutest hat ever❢ *-*
the paws can be worn as gloves (yes, you put your and inside) and they're also very warm, perfect for these cold days ∩___∩

ohh btw my mom got this delicious uhm.. pie? tart? for me :P it had chocolate on the base and some whipped cream and then, on top some peach perfectly forming some kind of rose shape.. I have to say it was delicious and it looked very pretty

otherwise, for this special occasion I painted my nails.. is a shame I didn't had enough time to make something else.. I was planning on wearing brown on christmas eve's dinner (that's why I used brown on them) but sadly it was really cold and I didn't want to change my clothes x﹏x so I dressed up with gray and black..

as I said up there I was gonna wear brown, so I thought about painting my nails with something brown, I decided to do some gingerbread men on them :P
the desing is very very very easy.. I painted all my nails with white, then on three of them I added some glittery red and green dots; in the other two nails I put some white chunky glitter (the one you can't see ><) and then added one gingerbread man and some brown dots..

to be honest, I didn't like the result.. it looked really rushed and messed up T____T next time I'll do something better❢

so that was all for now.. I'm dying to show you my super pre-christmas present by my dad❢ but honestly I'm gonna do an entry for it ◕‿◕ so you'll have to wait❢
I wish you a Merry Christmas❢ and I hope you got a lot of presents :P and, of course, everything you wished for
thanks for reading/passing by❢
Laters, babies

Ariana Grande - Santa Tell Me