viernes, 21 de noviembre de 2014

♨ fire is catching! *✬

"But I got my fingers laced together and I made a little prison
and I’m locking up everyone who ever laid a finger on me"

hello hello ◕‿‿◕
 yes yes❢ another THG themed entry ∩___∩ as you know I got my tickets for the newest movie some weeks ago so now, the day has come, it's time to talk about the The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1

as you know I went to the midnigh showing yesterday ∩ω∩ so I'm gonna tell you everything❢ by the way, sorry for the future spoilers❢ :P

okay, first of all I had to get prepared for it, how? well, I didn't had time to re-read the book (what a shame❢), but I'm planning to do it next year, for the last movie.. anyway, as I was saying, I prepared for watching it, how? well, I wore my beloved necklace❢

yesss it's the new Mockingjay pendant❢ I got it some time ago and I'm totally in love with it
I don't really know why in the picture it looks so bad >< but believe me, it's gorgeous in person *-*
I'm still looking for the Catching Fire one.. I hope I can get it soon❢

I also painted my nails for this special event ◕‿◕
some days ago I was looking for some ideas for my Mockingjay inspired nails.. so I found a tutorial ∩___∩ and guess what? I tried it❢ and this is the result..

I painted all my nails in black; then in four of them I made some blue flames using two different shades of blue: I used Cobalt and sky blue; and added some white; then I put some glow-in-the-dark nail polish on the flames and, of course, I added top coat..
then in the one nail left, I made the mockingjay (it was really hard if you ask me u﹏u): I used the same polishes I used on the other nails and I also added some GitD polish on the mockingjay..

I really liked the result❢ I think they ended up looking really pretty :P and yes, the polish really worked; so I had glowy nails

then at the cinema, there were a promo: commemorative plastic glasses❢ so I got one for my collection ∩__∩ there were also keychains.. but the cinema started selling them at the afternoon.. so when I got there they were sold out x﹏x so I missed it❢ boo-hoo

awesome, isn't it? it has this 3D effect that makes it looks super cool, you almost feel the flames on your hands LOL
I know you can't see it, but at the bottom of the glass it says "Fire burns brighter in the darkness" and I really love that quote❢ one of my favourites, really..

okay, I guess it's time to talk about the movie :P

I really really loved it I think it's amazing and,  I don't know, call me crazy if you want, but I liked the fact that they left Katniss without her braid, she really looks like she's 17❢
and I really missed Peeta T____T my baby Peeta! I was almost crying for him, I swear :P

I felt like I was on a roller coaster; all my emotions were up and down, all the time❢ I almost cried in some scenes, I laughed and I got angry, but I guess that happens when you're so close and tied up with a story..
I think they were ambitious and the final result was awesome, I really enjoyed the cast and their performance; they are such a great cast! it's a shame we only have one movie left u﹏u

time for SPOILERS❢ yes❢ I'm sorry about this, but I feel I need to..
so, the spoilers are coming, I warned you❢


okay, I felt Movie!Gale is so different from the Book!Gale >< I don't like Gale, but I feel they were trying for us to hate him LOL I mean, being bad and saying all that stuff about Peeta.. Book!Gale was not like that; he was trying to make Katniss not to blame Peeta for his words..
I feel they are focused on a love triangle, when, in reality, there's not something like that in the books: Gale and Peeta are something like friends, they don't hate eachother.. Katniss loves them both, but as family

that's one thing I really dislike about the movies, but what can we do about that? nothing really..

anyway, I also think the song "The Hanging Tree" is gorgeous and ohmygods it's just me or Gale's face when Katniss sings is pure torture? I mean, that's when he realises she really loves Peeta..

and Peeta oh my baby he looked so fucked up I almost cried everytime I saw him T___T and at the end, when he choked Katniss was intense and hard to watch, same the last scene.. tied up to a bed  >< ohshit

well, this was longer than I thought it will be.. so that's all for now :P I hope I didn't messed up the movie for anyone.. and sorry for my obsession❢ :P
thanks for passing by/reading❢
Laters, babies

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