domingo, 16 de noviembre de 2014

✄--- DIY Cupcake Gift Bag ---✣

"I’m miss sugar pink liquor, liquor lips
hit me with your sweet love, steal me with a kiss"

hello hello ◕‿‿◕
ohh I know I know, I've been so lazy u____u I haven't even uploaded to my lap the images I'm gonna use for this and the past entries.. sorry❢

so, on monday was my mom's birthday, that's why I'm making this entry today..
this is my second DIY entry❢ ◕‿◕ I made this gift bag on june, for my sister's birthday n____n and finally I decided to upload it..

NOTE: this is not a video tutorial, I took pictures of the steps I followed, I hate to make videos, sorry❢

let's start then❢

Cupcake Present Bag

you will need:
  ●Different Colour Paper (in this case: pink, white, blue, purple, yellow, green, red)
  ●Cardboard (is that the correct name?)
  ●Clear Contact Paper
  ●Glue (I used liquid & stick)
  ●Paint Brush
  ●Gift/Present Bag (the colour could be the one you like, but it's better if it combines with the main colour of the shape you're gonna do)


 1 - on the pink paper we are going to make the bottom part of the cupcake and then in the white one we're gonna make the top (topping if you wanna call it like that) part; then we cut the shapes (2 of each one!) [img.1]
 2 - we're gonna glue those 4 shapes on the cardboard [img.2] now, cut them again [img.3]
 3 - now use the drill in the rest of the paper (the other colours too) so you'll have different colour paper dots [img.4] now glue them to the "topping" of the cupcake [img.5]

 4 - now we're gonna draw the candle: I used light pink and a little of yellow for the flame; I used red for the cherry; then cut the pieces [img. 6]
 5 - make sure to glue the two pieces of the cupcake (the pink and the white ones), also don't forget to glue the candle  and the cherry (I added a white 'glowing mark' with white paint to the flame and cherry) to the main figure; then it's time to add the glitter! put it on the outline of the 'topping' and make some details to the pink cup [img.7] [img.8]
 6 - now that the cupcake is finished put the clear contact paper on it (make sure you cover the whole figure, even the candle and the cherry), so it'll look glossy and will last more time (I also put it on the back to make it harder) [img.9]

 7 - this part is optional: take off the straps af the present bag (in my case the straps were really hard and I didn't like them u____u); then use the drill to perforate the places where the straps were before; cut some ribbon and put it through the holes; make a knot so it won't fall down [img.10]
 8 - again, this is also optional: with the left cardboard make alittle card, put some glue on it and then add a lot of glitter. I used thinner ribbon to attach it to the bag's strap [img.11]
 9 - finally glue the two cupcakes to each side of the bag: one in the front and the other to the back [img.12]

and voilá❢ we finished❢ it will look something like this (if I know how to give directios LOL)

finally I made the DIY entry❢ I hope it was at least funny...
btw sorry for the last pictures (they're really low quality, right?) is just that I took them at night u___u 'cause while I was making the bag my sister was there and I wasn't able to finish it with day light..
anyway thanks for passing by/reading❢
Laters, babies

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