domingo, 2 de noviembre de 2014

❥☠ Día de Muertos..

"Tápame con tu rebozo llorona
porque me muero de frío"

hello hello ◕‿‿◕
finally it's here! I don't really know why, but I love Día de Muertos n____n my favourite celebration of the year❢
today was a very very very busy day.. we went to the cementery; yeah, my family only goes on nov 2nd (not two consecutive days like some people does) and we always get very tired T____T but at the end, my mom bought me a cotton candy n___n purple! is a shame I didn't take a picture of it LOL I already ate it..

okay, let's start with this not-so-good entry :P

every year we get at least something small for our small altar.. this year my sis got some chocolate lollipops for me n___n

yeah! the purple ones are mine ◕‿◕ plus, I still have the Jack one :P and I also got another cute plastic skeleton with chocolate head! haha two years in a row❢

we also got some super small sugar skulls *-* they look so cute❢ just look at them and tell me they're not cute enough

on the first days of october I got a day of the Dead candle, I couldn't resist❢

past year my sis got these awesome candle holders, but we forgot to put them x____x so this year I found them some weeks ago and decided to take them out so we could use them this year :P

on friday I went out with my mom to get some stuff we needed and guess what? I saw something that stole my heart❢ we were at the supermarket and suddenly I saw it: a lady was handing a bunch of plastic glasses, the deal was to buy a six pack of beer and they gave you one glass..

the bad news is that I don't like beer; I don't drink.. so I got upset 'cause the freaking glass was so pretty.. but then my aunt (we met her at the supermarket LOL) said she needed beer for her ophrend and then my mom thought it was a nice idea to bring some beer to my sister (she's breast feeding her baby and you know that people say it's good to drink beer on those moments..) so we got some! and guess what? I got my glass❢

isn't it super cute?? I think that's supposed to be Frida Kahlo ◕‿◕ but look at the amazing pattern it has❢ is just lovely; I really love every inch of it

well, sorry about the entry.. for all the crappy pictures and edits :P is just that I'm lazy and I don't have enough time..

ahh.. did you realised that I didn't read any fucking book on october?? ohmygods I feel really bad about that.. but these past few weeks I've been very busy or very tired.. sometimes I think I don't have enough time >____< but I promise I'll start reading again soon..

okay, now that's all for now.. thanks for passing by ◕‿◕
I hope you had an amazing Day of the Dead (in case you celebrate it..)
Laters, babies

Chavela Vargas - Llorona