miércoles, 3 de septiembre de 2014

[₪] to scream or not to scream? ❤

"Here comes the rain again
falling from the stars"

hello hello ◕‿‿◕
finally I'm here again for another entry n___n'
this one is going to be short (as the past ones..) but I really wanted to do it :P
so, I've been really busy these days u___u but they have been rainy *-* so everything's okay! and I want so badly to read a book! maybe I'll start it tomorrow, who knows? x3

anyway, let's start with the entry, okay? :P

today I'm showing you my beloved Monster High doll (the newest one)
as you probably remember, my sister got a MH doll for me as a birthday present this year n____n

Scarah Screams daughter of Banshee Monster High Doll
as I said before, she's not even one of my favourites, but I think she looks amazingly cute!
I like banshees, I've read a little about them of course, but I don't like green; maybe that's the reason why Scarah is not on my fav list >____>

she doesn't have a pet u____u and there's not so much about her, we only saw her a few minutes in a movie (13 wishes); maybe that's why.. but she comes with aditional clothes (two more outfits)
and, uhm.. there's something about her eyes that I love  maybe they disturb me a little LOL but they are awesome, the whole eye is white! that gives her the scary look other dolls don't have..

so right now I think she looks a little bit simple but very cute I'm not dying for her and probably she wouldn't be on my "MH dolls I have to buy" list, but it was awesome to get her and now she's part of my small doll collection n____n so, welcome Scarah!

well, that was all for now :P sorry aout my currently obsession with MH dolls n____n' is juist that I really love them :)!
thanks for passing by! I hope you'll have a wonderful day!
Laters, babies

Green Day - Wake Me Up When September Ends