lunes, 29 de septiembre de 2014

^๑^ ohh bittersweet goodbye☆

"Don't need a relationship
I'll never soften my grip"

hello hello ◕‿‿◕
I hope you've been doing great! I'm not having a good time u___u I'm very very busy :| the good news are that I'm almost done with my hard work n____n but I still have to help my sis to finish everything for the big day (next sunday), so yes, I'm tired and I haven't been sleeping very good :( that's sad.. 'cause I love to sleep..

anyway, I really wanted to make an entry today, before the month ends.. and I'm planning to do another entry when october starts n____n'
so I'm coming fast and the entry won't be so long, let's start then..

a few days ago I got new shoes!! I have to say I was not 100% convinced by them but when I tried on I really liked them!! and I think I got them for a great price: 2 pairs for an special price! I had to get them :P

Black Flats by Bershka
okay, I love black, so I was looking for a cute pair of flats and I found them!
this is the first pair and I totally like it! look at the cute ribbon and all those little sparkling stones *-* they look femenine, comfy and super cute!!

Pink Flats by Bershka
this is the second pair, yeah, in pink.. they are the same model; but, who cares? they look super adorable! is a pale pink, almost nude, so I guess it makes a great combo with so much colours.. well, most of the time I only wear black, so they will match really good :P

on the box came little stones, so you can replace the ones that got missed (in case they fall), I think it's great, 'cause so many times in shoes like these, the stones fall appart and you can't replace them >___< and they look weird LOL but I'm so happy they thought about it and give you some of them :P

I also got new Baby Lips! the ones I got are almost empty.. and yes, I still have two left, why? 'cause I don't wear the same always.. anyway, I bought them 'cause they had a great price if you got two! so, it was a great deal..

Baby Lips Electro in Berry Bomb by Maybelline
saw this and couldn't resist! why? well, I love purple and I love berries :P
I've been seeing a lot of girls (in Poupée Girl) that post their Baby Lips Electro and really wanted to buy one, so when I saw them I had to get at least one..
I opened it just to see if it will paint my lips or not and I found it just leaves a light shade between purple and pink, so it's perfect! ◕‿◕
I have to say I fell in love with it

Baby Lips in Peppermint by Maybelline
I already tried this one before and, to be honest, is my favourite from that "first edition" of BL; as you know I tried Peach Kiss and Quenched too, but this one takes the award, so I didn't doubt it and got it once again n___n

some days ago my sis got some fabric for me; yes, fabric! I know is not a common gift, but she said that when she saw it she thought of me :P

yes! I love the print!! this is totally me *-* the print reminds me a lot of Dia de Muertos (Day of the Dead); and I'm planning to do pijama pants with it LOL
you may think I'm a little bit nuts, but I take those dates a little too far.. right now my bed clothes are for halloween haha! yeah, it's september and my bed is black *-* but what can I do? I love it!

okay okay, that was all for now.. I think the entry wasn't so short or too fast to write as I thought u____u but whatever, it was fun :P
thanks for passing by guys!
Laters, babies

Marina & The Diamonds - Oh No!