jueves, 18 de septiembre de 2014

♔ ..tastes like you only sweeter✣

"I'm gonna love ya
until you hate me"

hello hello ◕‿‿◕
ohh I forgot to update before! plus I've been very busy, as always u____u
I'm ashamed: I'm only doing one entry per week >___< I'm gonna try to do it better! I promise..
anyway, this year I didn't had enough time to make a "patriotic" entry, that's why I put that image up there :P my sis' dog with her patriotic ribbon, isn't she super cute??

well, let's start with today's entry, okay??

do you remember I mentioned I got a nail polish as a birthday present from my oldest sister and her children? well, here is it!!

Nail Polish by Principessa
I don't really know what colour is it, maybe.. amethyst? plum? purple? I don't know T___T but it looks gorgeous! it has some kind of very small gold or silver glitter on it, so it sparkles a lot, I used it recently to paint my nails and it worked, and looked, very good

Nail Polish by Bissú
I also used this one recently; I got it months ago but I never used it before; I thought it would look pretty good with the purple one..
this one is like opal, it's bright and also sparkles a lot n____n

here's what I did with them :P I painted three nails with purple and two with opal; in one of them I made a simple gradient using purple once again and in the middle finger I made some stripes and in the squares (which were formed by the stripes) I made some kind of flowers.. they look strange, but I like them n____n'
it was easy to make and the result is pretty and cute ◕‿◕

otherwise I don't really know why I took a picture of a gummy bear my sis gave me the other day, but here you go..

haha it was enourmous!! there you can see a "normal" gummy bear (left) and the big one is on the right.. it had cinnamon taste and the consistence was different, more uhm.. chewy? fuck's sake, I don't know how to describe it >____<

well, that was all for now, I still have so much things to do and I don't have enough time..
thanks for passing by!
Laters, babies

Iggy Azalea ft. Rita Ora - Black Widow