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【♥】Poupée Girl εїз

"These ain't no ordinary girls, and we've a steady supply
brab another cup of tea, and follow me"

hello hello ◕‿‿◕
oh sorry for being so inactive! is just that I've been really busy (same as always, I'm afraid..) and I've been reading n____n I'm not gonna say what 'cause I haven't finished it yet T____T

whatever.. this time I came here with an entry about my beloved game PoupéeGirl :P
yeah, I've been there for a while and I really love it!

I've been looking back on my pupe story and I took some screenshots of my loved ☆LuCkY☆
I'm gonna make this in some parts, maybe 3 or 4, because I have a lot of images n____n'
take a look and know some of my history..

basically I just picked one dress up of each month (sometimes there are like 2 or 3 in one single month), but the intention is to show each event I've been part of; I'm planning to show my favourite outfits :P

July 2008 - December 2009

okay, my first day on poupée girl is up there, the first image n____n
I met PG thanks to a magazine; I decided to take a look at it but I forgot to do it x____x and after one month or more I finally joined the site and guess what? I loved it!

as you can see I joined on july 2008 O____O and, most of these years I've been very active, but there were times that I just didn't even sign up; so I missed some items u___u

anyway, it was very confusing at the begining, 'cause everything (or most of the things) was on japanise, and, obviously, I don't know japanise.. but it helped that it was on english too!
I used to post a lot of items everyday, but suddenly I started to have more friends and realised that I didn't need to keep on posting tons of items each day, so I reduced the quantity and the frequency..

okay, end of this first part n____n
thanks for reading/passing by!
Laters, babies

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