viernes, 25 de julio de 2014

★' meow meow.. ≧◡≦

"You're like perfection, some kind of holiday
you got me thinking that we could run away"

hello hello ◕‿‿◕
I know I said a lot of things before like I was going to change the blog's look, also that I was going to be more active and have more pictures (not shitty entries anymore..) but I guess I've failed in all of them.. T____T is just that I've been super busy!
if I'm not helping my sister, I'm playing n____n' (woops!); yes, as you read it: I've been playing.. what? well, take a look :P

Papa's Donuteria by Flipline Studios
yessss another game from FLS! I have to say I'm not as obsessed with it as I was with the cupcakeria one..
this one is really cute! and I finished it today, I mean I finally reached all seasons and all the events BUT they started all over again! so I'm still playing LOL

this time I'm not posting tons of screencaps, I think it's a little bit pointless but I still have the ones from Papa's Cupcakeria (the ones I didn't post) so I guess I'm gonna post 'em later :P
btw, in the image up there I'm showing the Halloween event, why? because I love Halloween ◕‿◕

otherwise, some weeks ago I got something super cute!

TodoModa Facial Powder in Honey
okay, I don't wear so much makeup, specially cheek powder BUT I fell in love with this one! just look at it! the package has a cute cat shape
I think it looks very pretty and femenine ◕‿◕

I loved the print the powder has, it says "CatWink" and there you can see a cat paw, just too cute!
well, I came back for it a few days after I saw it for the first time, unfortunately this shade/colour was the lighter one in that moment u____u and I think it's too dark for me! :(
maybe I'll take off the powder and change it for a lighter one, that would be the best..

anyway, past week and a few days ago too, I watched some movies; after a long time without new movies to watch I finally went to rent some :P

The Legend of Hercules: I love greek mythology! so it was obvious I was going to watch this one :P but I didn't have high expectatives (maybe because how it looks like and the fact that it didn't had so much success on teathers..) and I was not wrong; the movie was boring and sometimes it was slow.. so I could say it's not a good movie u____u

300: Rise of an Empire: I loved the first part! and I never thought there were gonna be a sequel/prequel, so when I heard about it I got happy and excited; to be honest I loved all the bloody parts LOL but I was not very excited with the cast (maybe except the ones we met on the first movie) and the plot was a little bit confusing: they put the "before" and then the "during" and finally the "after" of 300 (aka the first movie), so the audience will know what happened outside the Sparta's 300 warriors.. as I said I got confused and there's this chance to be a 3rd part.. but who knows?

The Purge: I sincerly thought this was a horror movie, that was the reason why I got it.. but I guess it was more like psychological horror; the plot was okay but some of the actors were insipid, and, sorry but the plot was a little bit predictable :| I'm not gonna say it's a good movie, because it's not and I think I won't watch it again..

47 Ronin: uhm.. what can I say about it? it's a nice movie but I was expecting more of it and sometimes it was a little bit boring; it's based on a japanise legend so I guess it's obvious what's going to happen at the end; but I didn't know LOL so the ending, for me, was sad and I didn't like it haha sorry!

okay, that was all for now! thanks for passing by and now I promise (again) I'll try to make a better entry next time and that I'm gonna try to change the look of the blog :P well, if I can, of course!
Laters, babies

5 Seconds of Summer - Don't Stop