lunes, 26 de mayo de 2014

∞' mutant and proud♚

"Lately I been, I been losing sleep
dreaming about the things that we could be"

hello hello ◕‿‿◕
as always, you probably guessed by the title why I'm going to post n____n'
this entry is only about X-Men Days of Future Past :)

I went to watch it on saturday and I really loved it!
maybe you know it or not, I'm not fan of Marvel (yeah, sorry!) but if there's something I love about it is X-Men! ◕‿◕
I don't know why my love for them exists, maybe is the idea of seeing them as different, non conventional and people being assholes and hate them LOL

about the movie, well, I have to say I loved it! I think it's my new favourite movie from the X-Men saga! even if I was "WTF is happening here?" I enjoyed it a lot n____n it has funny and sad moments, it gave a lot of feels!! the cast is awesome and I think they made a great choice (btw I loved QuickSilver!) and the most important thing: the plot was really interesting and easy to follow, they really nailed it :P and now I can't wait for the next movie!!

as always, here they are: SPOILERS! warning warning!!
stop reading if you don't want to know more about the movie!
ok, I warned you!

sorry sorry! but I have to make this! here they come!

I'm not the kind of person who reads comics so I don't know the real story; but I'm talking as a person who likes the movies, okay?
first of all: why the fuck was Profesor X (old) alive? didn't he die on X-Men 3??
they showed us some scenes from X-M3 (ex. Jean dying) so all of that happened.. why the fuck Charles Xavier was alive? didn't he die? WTF? that confused me a lot! and I can't find a response I like.. and it seems nobody can give me a good answer..

I neither liked the characters deaths.. they gave me a lot of feels :( and I was teary.. but it was ok, we needed that "dark" touch, but I'm glad at the end everything was good..
something I was not happy about was the end.. I mean, Jean and Cyclops alive? WTF? (sorry I don't like Jean at all) but it's not a big deal, so it doesn't matter..

another thing I didn't understand was Kitty's (or should I call her Shadowcat?) power..I mean, she can make people's "conscience" (or "mind") go back in time..
I don't catch it :| how does she do that?

otherwise, I painted my nails for this ocassion! ◕‿◕
I wanted to make something simple but cool, so I went for this design..

I used black (I don't know why I didn't use blue and yellow u____u) and I finally used my matte nail polish and I made them black matte *-* then I used silver to make the X-Men symbol on one nail and I added Wolverine's claws to another nail..
it's not one of my favourite designs, but they looked pretty nice n____n

so, I guess that's all for now, sorry about this, but I had to make it!
thanks for passing by :P
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