sábado, 26 de abril de 2014

✰' not saying much †

"I'm bulletproof, nothing to lose
fire away, fire away"

hello hello ◕‿‿◕
before I start to feel lazy I better make this new entry..
I'm a little bit sad right now, spring break or spring vacations are over :( no more "free days" T____T and my sis is finally back, she went to the south of the country (to Merida) for her little vacactions; and she brought me something! (show you in the next entry..)

before the spring break my sister and I decided to practice our baking skills..
what did we do this time? well, she wants to bake, for her son's 1st bday, some ice-cream cones with cake inside them..
is something crazy, but is an awesome idea, so I helped her to practice.. the result was good, but we have to keep trying to make them better; we also put some cake pastry on little cupcake cups and we got some kind of cookies..

they tasted good, and they also looked cute n____n
maybe next time they'll end up even better :P

otherwise I've been a little bit busy these days.. doing what?
reading of course!!
this time I read a book my mom brought for me when she went to my niece's school library to pick the books they were going to loan her (to read on the spring break); to be honest the book didn't get my attention..

Brunswick Gardens by Anne Perry
ok, I never heard of this author before, so I didn't know what to expect of the book; it didn't get my attention, I read the back of the book and I was like "okay, is it about that? boring.." but I gave it a try..

~the book takes place on 1800s and it's about a "murder" in a reverend house; the victim used to work there and she is what they call a "new woman", she had revolutionary thoughts about what women can do, something that men didn't like..
everything lead us to three suspects but officer/detective Pitt and his wife try to discover the truth and won't let innocent people pay for a crime they didn't commit

for my taste, this has a lot of religion conversations, and all of them were the same and it has a lot of unimportant information; to me it seems like the author wanted to put more words than the ones she needed and filled the story with stuff that doesn't care at the end..

I spent 6 days reading it, it was really boring! u____u and when I finished it I was like seriously? is that all?
I had a theory on my head going on, and, to be honest, it was better than the one of the book LOL (well, at least for me :P)

anyway, I also got a new book that I already finished :P but I'm gonna talk about it on the next entry n____n
uhm.. well, I guess that's all for now, thanks for pasing by! ◕‿‿◕
Laters, babies

David Gueta feat. Sia - Titanium

one year without you.. I miss you everyday..
"I've said goodbye
set it all on fire
gotta let it go, just let it go.."