domingo, 2 de marzo de 2014

❥swirled heart *❀

"So darken your clothes or strike a violent pose
maybe they'll leave you alone, but not me"

hello hello ◕‿‿◕
I really don't know how to start this.. I'm terrible at it!
anyway, I've been a little bit busy doing nothing :P but I have good news, at least for me n____n'

a few days ago I got some HK cookies LOL they tasted nice and looked really cute and they were cheap :P plus the box is just too lovely!!

Nail Polish in Indigo
my sis and my mom got this one for me, I'm not sure how is this brand called LOL Im? sorry, I don't know :S anyway, I really like this color, something between blue and violet.. gorgeous!
easy to apply and today I still have it on my nails (well, it started to chip on the corners..) but it worked nice and the shade is bright and looks really good n___n
I didn't have enough energy to make a nail art, so I only painted them normal and I really liked it :P

as I said at the begining, I have good news :P
first, Supernatural is coming back guys!! I know some people wouldn't understand why I'm so excited about it, let me explain: years ago the channel that showed supernatural (every tuesday at 9pm) stopped displaying it, I'm not sure, but the last season they showed was 6 or 7 T____T and then, nothing.. and finally, tomorrow they're gonna put it again!! but is gonna be season 9.. it's gonna be weird 'cause I haven't seen the past seasons.. only 1-4.. but SPN is back bitches!

second, I finally rented Game of Thrones S03! ohh it finally arrived to the movie store and I rented it.. how cool is that? ohmyfeels.. I love Daenerys and I got really sad about Stark family.. like WTF? horrible..
I also rented movies, well, actually only two u____u

Thor: The Dark World: well well.. I don't like the Avengers x___x the only one I like of them is Thor but most important I'm in love with Loki, he's the reason why I watch all those movies.. he's just amazing!
anyway, the movie is not boring, is actually nice and the story is simple but good, we're gonna have the 3rd part, so bring it on!

Easy A: yeah I know this movie has years! but I haven't watched it.. I really like Emma Stone, she's hilarious :P and I wanted to watch this movie, so when I found it I had to rent it..
the story is not even great LOL but the movie itself is funny, at the end I was like WTF? what happened? maybe I needed something else to close the story :S but I'm gonna say it was awesome

I guess that's all for now..
Laters, babies

My Chemical Romance - Teenagers