domingo, 16 de marzo de 2014

★+*Panem today. Panem tomorrow. Panem forever..

"Show me the way, lord,
'cause I... I'm about to explode"

hello hello ◕‿‿◕
as you maybe guessed (thanks to the title) this entry is gonna be about The Hunger Games :P
so, on tuesday I finally went to pick up my copy of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire  I was too excited about it n____n well, I'm still excited :P

I pre-ordered it on Blu-Ray beacuse now that's the only way to get special features.. but I asked if I could change it, in case it came, for the special edition BR+DVD and they said yes *-*
but when I went for it they told me that they only received the BR and the DVD editions so no change for me T____T

anyway, I loved it!  I waited so much for it *-* and finally is mineee!
ohh I only wished it came like the previous movie, because the past one's package is shiny and has some kind of relief.. but I think that doesn't matter n____n'

and yeah, finally this one comes with special features!! deleted scenes.. ohshit that's what I love the most!

I've noticed that most of the times the BR disc is the only one that comes with an image.. in this case that happened, I know it because my mom rented it on DVD and the disc was silver with the title in red letters..

so I guess that's all for now :P
I hope you love THG as much as I do n____n' sorry for all my fangirlsm..
and right now I can't wait for Mockingjay part 1.. soon, soon..
Laters, babies

Coldplay - Atlas